Baby Number Three In the Millner/Chiles Household?

A typical conversation on growing children, procreation and being 43, as had this morning, before I got even a sip of coffee into my system:

Me: I have to admit, this morning I was a little depressed because I realized Lila was getting tall. She was all the way up to my nose and she didn’t have to look up.

Mari: Why did that get you depressed?

Nick: *looks up from computer, amused* Because she’s short.

Me: No, I’m not sad because she’s almost taller than me! It’s because my babies are growing up. I don’t have babies anymore.

Mari: Well if that makes you depressed, then have another baby.

Me: *smiling, with visions of a cute, cuddly, giggly baby dancing in my head*

Nick: She’s too old. We ain’t havin’ no Diana Ross babies up in here.

Me: O_O *pulls coffee out of microwave and slowly walks back to bed*

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Denene Millner

Mom. NY Times bestselling author. Pop culture ninja. Unapologetic lover of shoes, bacon and babies. Nice with the verbs. Founder of the top black parenting website, MyBrownBaby.


  1. That Diana Ross comment us too funny!

    Denene, just wait about 10-15 years and you will have grandchildren! My mom gets all the joy without the stress of teething (our current nightmare), diapers and baby proofing!

  2. I occasionally feel the same way. I have four children. My twins are 11, there’s a 9-year-old in the middle, and my youngest will be 7 on Saturday. I too, am short, and my husband constantly ribs me for it. Now he has our oldest daughter on his side because as of July, she’s also tall enough to look down on my 5’2″ frame. I get a little misty whenever I give away something that our 7-year-old outgrows; we no longer have a need to keep clothes in storage bins to pass down to younger siblings. Every now and then, I long for the feel of another little one nestled in my arms and I miss that familiar baby-fresh smell.

    Then I remember diaper blow-outs, teething, potty training, and the terrible twos (and threes), and I’m cured. 🙂

  3. *Quickly sets up a “snip-snip” appointment in order to avoid this conversation with wifey*


    • Yeah, BrothaTech, in my comments to the wife, I left out the part about my snip-snip appointment quite a few years ago. So unless she planned on importing Idris Elba to actually do the dirty work, we would need a medical miracle here anyway!

      • Best comment ever! (both the Dianna Ross retort and this reply!) Thanks for the smile. And if Idris is available for import, please let me know – LOL

  4. You guys seem like great parents, and I am all for great parents populating the planet with intelligent, responsible, kind children. Go for it! 😉

  5. This was soo funny!!!

  6. Oh noooo, I was hoping the longing for another baby (I have 2) would pass as they got older. Now you are telling me it doesn’t!

  7. don’t the kids need a dog 🙂

  8. Adopt, that’s what I did.

  9. Ha ha ha!!! That is too funny.

  10. They definitely grow up sooo fast. My baby is only 19 months and sometimes I can’t believe how fast the little time she’s been here has flown by.

  11. Thanks, Nick. 😀 That would’ve made me feel good, too. I’ve had kids tell me that I’m thirty five (I’m ten years younger). Gee, thanks. But it is nice when kids give you such obviously simple answers.. And who says you have to wait for the grandkids? Just get your kids married, and you’ll automatically inherit a grown-up kid, no potty training or birthing required!

  12. Read post. Pause. Google ‘Diana Ross Babies’. Laugh Out loud.

  13. I am new to the site and that Diana Ross Babies comment had me snickering lol…

    I guess I’m the opposite of most women: I had one child and quickly got myself sterilized and had another procedure that would’ve sterilized me if I hadn’t had the first surgery. I love my child and I like kids…but for me…one is enough. I look at my MiniMe and am amazed like most mothers that she’s already 4 and up to my waist almost…and it makes me miss the little bundle of joy I had over four years ago…and then I get it right and remember 51 hours of labor, teething, tantrums and the rest of the mess that goes along with raising a child lol. Personally I couldn’t and wouldn’t do it again (if I were able to). But to each his/her own…great article!


  14. I am fairly new and catching up on past stories.
    Thanks for the laughs – Diana Ross!!!!

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