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Black Dolls: Watch This Artist Transform Hyper-sexualized Dolls Into Age-Appropriate Toys Perfect For Our Little Girls (VIDEO)

Black dolls still seem to be few and far between, and those out there can be much too sexy for girl. Tree Change Dolls aims to fix that.

– Mar 16, 2015

MyBrownBaby On the Meredith Vieira Show: Talking Kinky Sex, Single Ladies & Selfies

There's something about the Meredith Vieira Show that brings out the best in me—even when we're talking about whips, hot sex, the single life and selfies!

– Feb 16, 2015

How To Talk To Kids About Sex: Great Resources from Planned Parenthood

October marks Let’s Talk Month, aimed at getting families to talk to kids about sex. Here, ways to go beyond “the talk” and say what matters—and sticks.

– Oct 15, 2014

Atlanta Strip Clubs, Sex Trafficking & Our Girls: Jada’s New Documentary

Hat tip to Jada Pinkett Smith and my nephew, Miles, for making the connection between pop culture, strip clubs, sex trafficking and young Black girl behavior.

– Apr 25, 2014

Awkward Sex Talk:’s Awesome New Birth Control Info Site's new "Awkward Grandma" serves up humor as it helps give the 411 on birth control.

– Feb 11, 2014

Whip Appeal: A Dad Makes the Argument For Owning His Sexy

By SHAWN TAYLOR It was a flyer that that got me thinking. That simple, gaudy, overly Photoshopped flyer stuck under my windshield wiper: “Grown N’...

– Jul 3, 2013

Black Girl Sexuality: An African American Dad Vows Never To Police His Daughter’s Body

By SHAWN TAYLOR You would assume that the playground would be one of the few places where you could just be a father. No stress, just...

– Jun 5, 2013

Radio Station Bans Rick Ross, Lil Wayne Over Sexist Rape Lyrics: ‘Bout Time!

Round of applause for Michigan radio station 103.7 The Beat, which took a bold stand against irresponsible, misogynistic, foul, rape culture rap lyrics by banning...

– Mar 29, 2013

Sex After Birth: Majority Of New Moms Wait Longer Than Six Weeks. Duh.

Yet another “duh”-worthy study on women and pregnancy claims that a majority of new moms wait longer than the six-week doctor-ordered minimum to have sex...

– Mar 6, 2013

California Pre-School Sex Scandal: School Closing Its Doors After 4- and 5-Year-Olds Admit Oral Sex

A church-run pre-school in Carson, California is shutting down after parents found out kindergarteners were allegedly giving each other oral sex, and now families of...

– Feb 5, 2013