Mind Control: Raising A Critical Thinker

By CAROLYN EDGAR My son’s 5th grade Humanities class was given an assignment to write a letter to the Founding Fathers, explaining how the Constitution...

– Oct 11, 2011

Hate It Or Love It, This Brown Girl Won't Be Conforming To Your Definition of "Black."

By CAROLYN EDGAR When my 11-year-old daughter said she wanted to go dressed as an Oreo cookie for Halloween last year, I laughed. Cami. Really....

– Feb 17, 2009

PILLOW DIPLOMACY: A Mom Learns How To Take Back Her Bed From The Kids One Night At A Time

By CAROLYN EDGAR One of the things I don't miss about being married is sharing my bed every night with another person. I think Lucy...

– Jan 22, 2009