Get It, Toyota: MyBrownBaby Hearts The "Swagger Wagon"

Just so you know, ain’t nothing funnier than watching white folks be “down.” Like, seriously? He didn’t have to be bald with the glasses, but...

– Oct 27, 2010

What Does YOUR Ideal MyBrownBaby Look Like? Tell Me In This SUPER Quick Survey

That’s right a change is gonna come! MyBrownBaby is stepping into its second year, and I’m ready to pump up the volume on my blog’s...

– Oct 26, 2010

{Bringing Up Boogie} Down With The Fresh Beat Band and Other Kid Shows That Aren't Fresh

The Fresh Beat Band stars Twist, Kiki, Shout, and Marina, a.k.a. Boogie’s homies By BASSEY IKPIAfter last week's mommy melt down, I've decided to relax...

– Oct 25, 2010

Wayne Brady, Mike Tyson, and Bobby Brown: The Funniest Men Alive (Today)

I promise you, this made my LIFE when I saw it yesterday. You do remember the video for Bobby “The Kang of R&B” Brown’s “Every...

– Sep 30, 2010