Run Tell That: The Importance of Reporting Cancer Symptoms

My Uncle Red was a beautiful man. And he fought cancer hard. Here's how he was a warrior.

– May 22, 2019

Working Through Final Month Of Pregnancy Is Just As Bad As Smoking: New Study

And yet another study to remind moms-to-be that America’s maternity leave laws suck donkey booty and need a major overhaul for the sake of our...

– Jul 30, 2012

Longer Womb Time = Smarter Kids, Says Study: Yet Another Reason To Avoid Scheduled C-Sections

If you’re pregnant, you might want to erase that scheduled C-section from your calendar: a new study shows that babies who stay in the womb...

– Jul 3, 2012

Five Great Ways To Motivate Your Significant Other To Exercise

By KODJO Do you remember when you and your mate first met? You couldn’t have enough of each other; you remember those days right? Fast...

– Jun 28, 2012

Depressing Study: Exercise May Not Help Black Girls Stay Slim

By NICK CHILES Talk about depressing news—a new study by British researchers has found that even black girls who are active and exercise regularly are...

– Jun 6, 2012

Ditch the Gym: 9 Great Ways To Get Fit At Home

By ANDREA WOROCH According to the authors of “Freakonomics,” people who purchase gym memberships overestimate their attendance by 70 percent. As a result, over $500 of the...

– May 30, 2012

Beyonce Shed 60 LBs With Good Old Fashioned Exercise & Dieting

Beyonce revealed her weight loss number to fans during the second night of her Atlantic City concerts. The 30-year old pop diva gave birth to her daughter...

– May 29, 2012

My Kid Ran Her First 5K—And Inspired Her Mother To Get Moving

I’m going to go ahead and keep it 100: I got about as much athletic skill as Pookie in that rehab scene in New Jack...

– May 3, 2012

Bad Mommy—the Spring Break Edition: Getting the Kids On a Health Track With Vicks Nature’s Kitchen

Yes, the picture accompanying this post, of my daughter downing a sprinkle donut and a can of soda for breakfast, is proof positive that I...

– Apr 23, 2012

New Study: Boys Consume More Sugar than Girls; White Kids Consume More than Blacks and Hispanics

By NICK CHILES When it comes to our children and sugar, a new report from the National Center for Health Statistics contains some revelations that...

– Mar 21, 2012