Totally Lila and the Awesome Haiku: Celebrating My Baby’s Poetry

Turns out my baby, Totally Lila, is pretty gangsta with the haiku—so gangsta that she's being honored by a celebrated children's book author and poet.

– Apr 6, 2015

{On the Parenting Post} Young, Gifted & Black

This week, as part of a blog-a-thon hosted by’s Mom Congress, I wrote an open letter to my daughters about what their father and...

– Sep 16, 2011

Confident Black Girls

I get why my mother did what she did. When you're overworked and way underpaid, and you're of a generation that thinks kids are to...

– Jul 6, 2010

Check Out My Sah-Weet (!) New Blog on Unilever's Don'

By Denene Millner I'm in the thick of it that long, slow, delicate march my daughters are taking toward their teens. I see the changes...

– Mar 11, 2010

Miss Independent: My Baby Isn’t A Baby Anymore

So my Lila absolutely HATES getting her hair combed. Like, “you need to inform me at least a week in advance of your plans to...

– Dec 21, 2009

Proof That I’m Doing My Job: Black Girls and Self-Esteem

It’s not that I hated how I looked, really. It’s just that after a while, it was hard to be judged, and not start co-signing...

– Oct 26, 2009

Tuesday SmackDown (Update): We CLEANED the Girls' Rooms, and An Hour Later, They're STILL Clean!

I’m exhausted. And I still haven’t showered today. And I have absolutely NO idea what I’m cooking for dinner. Hell, there’s nothing in the refrigerator...

– Aug 11, 2009

Tuesday SmackDown: We're Cleaning the 7-Year-Olds' Rooms (Heaven Help Us).

TO SEE THE FINAL TUESDAY SMACKDOWN CLEAN-UP, CLICK HERE. So my friend Gretchen and I were commiserating the other day about how much alike our...

– Aug 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday If You Think This is Bad, You Should See The Other Kid!

Okay, so Lila didn’t lose her two front teeth throwing ‘bows. Well, not really. Let Mari tell it, and an unfortunate jostling incident with her...

– Jul 29, 2009


The nurse insisted that her heartbeat was too slow and so to be sure that my soon-to-be-born little girl arrived in top form, I needed...

– Jun 3, 2009