I’m exhausted.
And I still haven’t showered today.
And I have absolutely NO idea what I’m cooking for dinner.
Hell, there’s nothing in the refrigerator TO cook.

But Lila’s room is clean. And so is Maggie’s.

And Gretchen and I are STILL standing. Your prayers/virtual support/ha’ mercy Jesuses and our elbow grease/tenacity/need-to-rid-our-houses-of-the-heebies helped turn these…

Lila’s Mess

Maggie’s Mess

…into these!

Lila’s Miracle

Maggie’s Miracle

Gretchen hauled out 10 bags altogether six for the Goodwill, and four more for the garbage man. She found lost library books. A plastic rat (which she thought was real). And lots of little notes Lila and Maggie were writing to one another in a “secret” stash of little random papers. And she finished it all the cleaning and the Goodwill drop-off by 2 p.m., with her adorable son, Charlie, age 3, fast on her heels (show-off!). She stopped by to see my handiwork at about 4:30, looking all cute and whatnot. With make-up and stuff. Seriously? Gretchen is no joke.

And now, Maggie can actually sleep on her bed, find her books, do homework at her beautiful desk, and open her closet sans embarrassment. (Of course, Charlie found a few good uses for some old Maggie toys. His room may actually be Gretchen’s final frontier.)

Charlie’s Room

I filled a huge 50-gallon bag with junk, and another smaller bag with stuff headed for the Salvation Army, moved out Lila’s desk (which she NEVER uses anyway), and replaced it with her dresser, previously in the overcrowded, super junky closet. The closet is now spotless (I had size 2 clothes in that bad boy; Lila is a size 7. Yeah.), you can actually see Lila’s bed, her play kitchen is organized, and there’s nothing on the floor. I left intact her copious amounts of play “schoolwork” and her really weird collection of internet facts about former presidents (don’t ask).

And while I was very happy to (finally!) find my black Kenneth Cole stiletto boots, I’m ticked that it’s too late for it; thinking I’d never find it’s mate (after an exhaustive search a few months ago), I threw the other one in the garbage.

And I may have to call in the CDC to help me figure out what’s making all of this garbage stick to the bottom of this garbage can. Yeah.

Of course, the girls were over the moon when they saw their newly-cleaned digs.

How long do you Maggie and Lila’s rooms will stay this way?

I’m thinking, maybe… I don’t know… until at least 9 p.m. tonight.

At least.

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  1. Oh they are such girlie-girls! I love their rooms! My room is antique pink and it still kinda looks like the girls' room…lol! Yes, I just guess I am a girlie-girl too. My kids tease me about it all the time. I had a room pretty much like theirs when I was young too!

    Thanks for sharing. A job VERY well done! If I were you little girl, I would be EXTREMELY happy :). Thanks for sharing!

  2. What?! Ok, what did ya'll drink and where can I get some?!

    No, seriously I am amazed! Our mess messes with my head and I can't get right! I am TRULY inspired now and CANNOT believe you guys did this in matter of hours.

  3. RRRRROOOFLLL! But um, how bout I might a had to regulate on my child for taking my hot boot hostage in their den of all things junk! LOL! Lila's room is beautiful! Great job, mommy! May she remain so busy with school and fun, that her room stays clean for the rest of August (at least), Amen!

  4. My husband and I did this one year for our slobby girls. We cleaned and redesigned their room while they were at Nanny's for a month. They were elated and kept it nice for about a month. Now every year when they go away, they think we will do it again. They say things like "a purple wall would be nice." Well, I don't see it happening again. Now we just supervise them while they clean their messy messy room. Of course, my girls are 8 and 12, so they are a bit older and ready to tackle their own junk.

  5. Seriously, can you come over? You only have to jump on a plane and head to the Caribbean. My problem is primarily toys that they don't play with until you make like you are gonna toss/donate it. Suddenly it becomes their favourite of all time, toy!

  6. yestheyareallmine

    Oh wow! Those look magnificent!! I have to do the same thing to the room shared by my three big girls. So not looking forward to that.

  7. Lynn from For Love or Funny

    Miracles do happen!! Wow, the rooms look great! I'm amazed that it took only 1 day to finish. You inspire me! Great job!!

  8. I'm impressed – such a good job. BTW…I'm in love with Lila's room.

  9. There must be something in the air, Denene, because I also cleaned two rooms (for one girl–she has the extra bedroom as a playroom) while she was away for a few days. I should have taken pics but I didn't. Fabulous feeling when you get done, isn't it? I had no help disposing of all the bags of trash and all the bags that went to Salvation Army, so the satisfaction is ALL MINE.

  10. that must have took some doing! I would have gave up half way through. Mine make a mess within an hour of tidying up again ha ha!

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