The Kendrick Lamar i Single Deserved Both Grammy Awards—And Our Praise (VIDEO)

The Kendrick Lamar i single encourages with its "I love myself" proclamation. Which is why we should collectively love on the California rapper.

– Feb 10, 2015

Cellist Kandis Davis: Inspiring Brown Babies To Take A Different Look At the Arts

Celebrating Kandis Davis, a professional cellist who stands out for being different and showing Black children a new way to... be.

– Jan 27, 2015

Book to Film: How ‘The Vow’ Became ‘With This Ring’

The book to film road for the novel, "The Vow," was paved with a decade's worth of obstacles before it became the Lifetime movie, "With This Ring."

– Jan 23, 2015

Jill Scott On Falling In Love With ‘With This Ring': “There’s Something So Pure About It”

Jill Scott, who in the new Lifetime movie "With This Ring" plays Viviane, the character I created in "The Vow," just, like, gets it.

– Jan 22, 2015

‘With This Ring’ Eye Candy Stephen Bishop On The Vow & Why He Loves Regina Hall

"Being Mary Jane's" Stephen Bishop is absolutely dreamy in the new Lifetime movie, "With This Ring."

– Jan 21, 2015

MyBrownBaby On The Meredith Vieira Show: Bullying, Co-Sleeping & Alcohol Around Kids

The Meredith Vieira Show invited MyBrownBaby to its mom panel to talk about some sticky situations. As usual, I didn't bother holding my tongue.

– Jan 20, 2015

‘With This Ring’ Director Nzingha Stewart On Finding True Love & Her Top-Secret Project

Director Nzingha Stewart reveals the truest lesson in "With This Ring": Black women don't need to wait on men, careers to be happy.

– Jan 20, 2015

#WithThisRing Watch Party: A Planner For You & Your Girls

We've got the desserts, signature cocktails, social media handles and 44 for your #WithThisRing Watch Party. Who's partying with us for the "With This Ring" premiere?

– Jan 19, 2015

“With This Ring”: Yo! My Book Is A New Lifetime Movie!

The debut of "With This Ring," the new Lifetime movie based on "The Vow," the novel I co-authored with Angela Burt-Murray and Mitzi Miller, has me feeling some kind of way. Pass the tissues.

– Jan 19, 2015

The Family Dinner Project: Honoring MLK With Great Food & Dialogue

What better way to encourage culture awareness and understanding than over a great plate of food? Here's one way we'll celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on his MLK Day.

– Jan 16, 2015