Great Summer Books For Black Girls: Best. List. Ever.

Looking for great summer books for Black girls? Look no further—we've got you covered!

– Jun 11, 2015

200 Words on Totally Lila’s Totally Big Feet, featuring Linge Shoes Ballet Flats

In the case of Totally Lila's feet, size does matter.

– Jun 10, 2015

Legend of the Mantamaji: Diverse Graphic Novels For Summer Reading Come to Life On Video

Diverse graphic novels are the gateway to life-long reading—and Eric Dean Seaton's "Legend of the Mantamaji" series is opening doors for Black children.

– Jun 3, 2015

The Princess of North Sudan: Like, For Real, Is Disney Serious About Turning a White Girl Into African Royalty?

The Princess of North Sudan is probably the dumbest idea for a Disney movie. Like, ever.

– May 22, 2015

Mind Blown: Check Out This 11-Year-Old Jazz Prodigy On the Keys (VIDEO)

11-year-old jazz prodigy Joey Alexander got me looking at the girlpies like, "Yo, you not trying to win right now. Look what Joey's over there doing."

– May 15, 2015

A Special Mother’s Day Tribute To The Women Who Helped Raise Me & The BFFs Who Show My Girlpies How To Be

On this Mother's Day, I not only celebrate my mother, but her friends and my friends, too—the women who helped me become the woman I am and who are helping my daughters be their best selves.

– May 7, 2015

The Bomb MyBrownBaby Mother’s Day Gift Guide

This Mother's Day Gift Guide is full of treasures guaranteed to make the mom in your life Pharrell happy.

– May 4, 2015

The Cookie SNL Skit Spoofing Sesame Street Is Pure Hilarity (VIDEO)

We knew there'd be a Cookie SNL Skit when Taraji P. Henson hosted this past weekend, but man, whoever thought up letting the matriarch of 'Empire' loose on 'Sesame Street' stole the show.

– Apr 13, 2015

The Totally Legit MyBrownBaby 7/11 Fan Video: Getting Our Beyonce On!

We had too much fun making the MyBrownBaby 7/11 fan video. Press play!

– Apr 10, 2015

Hey Black Child! Watch This 3-Year-Old Slay A Recitation Of Countee Cullen’s Poem For Brown Babies (VIDEO)

Hey Black Child, Countee Cullen's beautiful poem celebrating and encouraging Black children, sounds downright melodic when this toddler recites it. Be inspired.

– Apr 9, 2015