Being Called the N-Word For the First Time: These Black Folk Remember

Being called the N-word for the first time is a traumatic experience one never forgets.

– May 28, 2015

Downtime For Busy Moms: For Mothers Who Had Red Velvet Cake & Soda For Breakfast When the Duties Got Too Much

Sometimes stepping away from the craziness of motherhood is as necessary as... air.

– May 27, 2015

Hearing God’s Voice Lets Us Know That the Kids (and We) Are Alright

During a commune with nature, this mom heard God's voice in the tweets of the birds—and learned a valuable lesson along the way.

Black Children and Suicide: More Of Our Babies Are Taking Their Lives and Nobody Knows Why. We Have Some Ideas.

Researchers are grasping at straws to try to explain the massive increase in Black children committing suicide. We have some pretty solid explanations.

– May 20, 2015

With 1.5 million Black Men Missing, Black Families Suffer

A recent report that there are 1.5 million Black men missing from the Black community leaves Black families anxious for change.

– May 14, 2015

We Wear the Crown: Celebrating Beautiful Black Women From A To Z

Celebrating Black womanhood and all of its beautiful manifestations.

– May 13, 2015

Silence the Growl: Donate to the MyBrownBaby Campaign to Help the United Way Feed Kids During Summer Break

Help MyBrownBaby and The United Way of Greater Atlanta Silence the Growl by raising money for meals to feed children during summer break.

– May 11, 2015

This Picture of Hero Mom Toya Graham, Her Son and Anderson Cooper Is Worth 1,000 Words

Hero mom Toya Graham and her son, Michael Singleton, are pawns. This picture makes that very clear.

– May 1, 2015

In Honor Of the Black Mothers Of Slain Sons: Art for Justice

In honor of the mothers who cry out for their sons.

– May 1, 2015

To the Jerk Who Called Me a Black Racist: Don’t Come For Me Unless I Send For You

MyBrownBaby is a Blackety Black website written from a Blackety Black perspective by a Blackety Black writer. You will deal.

– Apr 30, 2015