Man Who Slapped Black Baby On Airplane Gets 8 Months In Prison For His Foolishness

Joe Rickey Hundley, the Idaho man who slapped a crying toddler and demanded the child's mother "shut that nigger baby up" has been sentenced to eight months in federal prison.

– Jan 7, 2014

Building Beauty-full Daughters: Teaching Girls of Color to Love Their Entire Selves

When people tell her 4-year-old daughter she's "pretty," this mom feels the urge to flesh out the compliment to assure her baby she's much more than a pretty face.

– Jan 7, 2014

New Year’s Resolutions: More of This in 2014, Please

I don't have any big resolutions—no vows to lose weight or eat better or sock away extra money or take any fancy trips. But I do have a few things I want. These are they.

– Jan 6, 2014

Forget 2014 New Year Resolutions: Try this REVOLUTION For Moms & Dads

Forget about the resolutions. Focusing on the process, rather than the goal, will have you winning every time.

Jesus vs. Santa Claus: Why Parents on Both Sides of the Issue Need to Get Over Themselves

Is it possible to have a child believe in Santa Claus and still teach them about the birth of a Savior, the true meaning of Christmas?

Megyn Kelly, Black Santa and Other Colored Things That’ll Make Her Fox Head Explode

If Fox's Megyn Kelly is offended by the idea of a Black Santa, her head would explode if she knew all the ways Blackness rears its beautiful head in our household.

– Dec 17, 2013

R. Kelly’s New Album ‘Black Panties’: Um, Why? Just Why? I Got Questions (Open Thread)

What—haven't you heard? R. Kelly has a new album out. Apparently it's all the rage. Some of us don't quite understand why.

– Dec 13, 2013

Gisele Bundchen’s Breastfeeding Photo: Leave This Working Mom Alone Already!

Yes, Gisele Bundchen Instagrammed a shot of herself getting glam while breastfeeding her daughter. And she deserves our applause, not ridicule.

– Dec 12, 2013

Mandela: World Community Reacts to Death of ‘Closest Thing We Have to Proof of God’

Nelson Mandela just may be the most exceptional individual any of us will ever witness in our lifetimes.

– Dec 6, 2013

The Lord Will Make a Way: When Tragedy Reminds Us To Be Faithful and Trust God [For R' Mani]

The brutal death of a child and her pregnant mother reminds a mother to embrace the instincts God gives us—because He never steers us wrong.