A Black Beauty Maven Wonders If She’s Hitched To an Industry That Goes Against Her Motherly Teachings

Sometimes the beauty world contradicts what self-described "Beauty Gladiator" Jodi Patterson preaches at home.

– Apr 16, 2014

Powerless Black Mothers: Protecting Our Sons From Stereotypes, Danger Feels Impossible

This mom is raising three Black sons who love loud music and hoodies. And she's scared to death she won't be able to protect them from the tyranny of stereotypes.

– Apr 15, 2014

MBB Calls Bullsh*t on Report Suggesting Parent Involvement Doesn’t Improve Child Performance

A NY Times piece by two researchers suggesting parental involvement doesn't affect student performance defies logic and common sense.

– Apr 14, 2014

Seriously, Can We Stop Calling Cops On Little Black Kids Already?

Omari Grant, 11, had a cop's gun shoved in his face for doing what kids do—which is what happens when adults refuse to acknowledge the humanity of Black children.

– Apr 8, 2014

A White Adoptive Mother Married to a Woman Wants You to Know: ‘Our Son Is Black, He’s Our Son, End of Story’

A white woman with a white wife and a black baby boy recounts the puzzling, infuriating reactions she gets to her family from the rest of the world—and shares her wishes for her son.

– Apr 4, 2014

My Biggest Competition Is THIS Woman. Who’s Yours?

This woman represents the standard by which I measure my happiness, efforts and achievements—alternately scaring and inspiring me.

– Apr 1, 2014

200 Words On Racism, Black Families and Our Inalienable Right To Just… Be

Clearly, the good folk of the trendy and family-friendly areas of Atlanta like their homes fried, dyed and gentrified. Blacks need not apply.

– Mar 21, 2014

The Fragile Fierceness of Faith—and What it Means to Write About It

Just the mere mention of faith sends internet trolls into a frenzy. But this mom's got some strong words of her own for those who have a problem with her beliefs.

Psst… White People: Paul Ryan Doesn’t Care About You Either

If you think Paul Ryan's foolish comments about poverty and lazy inner city folk is simply about Black men, think again.

– Mar 19, 2014

Sheryl Sandberg’s #BanBossy Campaign Is Disappointing. And Dumb.

When black girls are undereducated, bullied, stereotyped and left behind, it's hard to take Sheryl Sandberg's trite #BanBossy campaign seriously.

– Mar 13, 2014