We Wish The White Mom With Black Sperm Said This

What the white mom who accidentally got Black sperm should have said.

– Oct 24, 2014

What Blazing Your Own Trail Feels Like and Other Revelations from a Sometimes Okay Writer/Wife/Mother

When it comes to motherhood and work, blazing your own trail is possible—and necessary.

The Truth About Age 46: On My Birthday, So Happy Being Me

Celebrating my birthday at age 46: it just gets better with time.

– Oct 21, 2014

#VestOrVote: the Dream Defenders Bulletproof Vest Campaign Is Chilling

The Black activist group aims to inspire Black voters with this incredibly chilling ad.

– Oct 16, 2014

Black Teen Mom Wins $225K After Losing Custody Of Newborn

Just seven days after giving birth, a teen mom had her daughter taken away during a dispute with her mom. Here's why we should all care.

– Oct 14, 2014

‘Justice While Black’: A Must-Have Book for Black Families in These Scary Times

The new book 'Justice While Black' gives Black families step-by-step instructions on how to navigate—and survive—the criminal justice system.

– Oct 13, 2014

The Working Mom’s Survival Kit: 15 Ways to Make Life More Manageable

Be clear: I CAN NOT do it all. But this has a few tricks up her sleeve to make what I can do a little easier.

– Oct 6, 2014

White Mom Who Sued Sperm Bank Over Black Baby Needs To Get A Grip

The white mom suing over giving birth to a Black baby is rooted in fear—and horrible for the child.

– Oct 2, 2014

‘Blackish': Teaching Black Children To Embrace ALL Of Us

'Blackish,' the new ABC sitcom starring Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross, has the potential to tell some honest truths.

– Sep 24, 2014

A Better Way: One Mother Wrestles With All This “New Fangled” Discipline

This mom is learning that if she wants to change her daughter's character, not just her behavior, spanking may not be the best option for disciplining.