African american children and self-esteem

This Was The First Time I Realized I Was Black

The first time I realized I was Black was when my Girl Scout Troup leader's daughter called me a nigger and chased me off her street. I was 12.

– Feb 13, 2017

Not In My Shoes: Why I Want My Daughter To Walk Her Own Life Journey

When her daughters plays dress-up in her shoes, this mom warns herself to let her girl walk her own life journey.

Teaching Kids Authenticity & the Wonderful Risk in Telling the Truth

This mom is trying to teach her daughter that being her authentic self can save her a lifetime of heartache.

Black Boys and Self-Esteem: How To Silence Your Son’s Inner Critic

How can we help our sons develop powerful self-esteem? By helping them confront their inner critics—that nagging voice that points out their failures, inadequacies, and shortcomings.

– Apr 28, 2014

Black Children and Role Models: Remember, Somebody’s Watching Me (Us)

Sometimes it's the subtle things that children notice and internalize that make a difference in their life's journey.

A Black Beauty Maven Wonders If She’s Hitched To an Industry That Goes Against Her Motherly Teachings

Sometimes the beauty world contradicts what self-described "Beauty Gladiator" Jodi Patterson preaches at home.

– Apr 16, 2014

Nurturing Culture and Pride In Black Children: mater mea’s Agatha Achindu Leads the Way

Showing the beauty, complexity, strength and awesome of Black moms and our children with a celebration of Agatha Achindu, founder and CEO of organic baby food line, Yummy Spoonfuls.

– Apr 16, 2014

The Broken Purple Crayon: Teaching Kids that ‘Broken’ Is Still ‘Useful’—In Play and Real Life

Let’s teach our children that even broken pieces—of crayons and lives—are still useful. Let’s share with them that there’s always hope. In fact, hope is most alive when we can’t see it.

‘I Am Beautiful the Way I Am’: NYC Girls Project Encourages Self-Esteem For Tweens

Here’s the thing: I’m no fan of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. His crusade against cigarettes, super-sized sodas and fatty oils in restaurant food...

– Oct 2, 2013

The March On Washington: Sybrina Fulton, The Head Nod and the Thumbs Up—A Translation

When I go for a run in Washington, DC, I take for granted the history that I pass as I plod out my mileage. I...

– Aug 26, 2013