African American children living in poverty

Beauty In the Bad: the Hard Knock Life Of a Child Raised In the City

A beautifully told tale of the hard life one teen faced in Newark after the death of her beloved grandfather—and the hopelessness she feels for the city in which she was raised.

– Jan 12, 2015

With Food Stamp Cuts Looming, Remembering The Government Cheese

As families prepare for cutbacks to the federal food stamp program, remember that people are hurting, and just as easily as we make it, it could be taken away—leaving us to hurt too.

– Oct 29, 2013

Gratitude: What I Learned About Motherhood and Life While On Public Assistance

Before I became a single mom, I cut up all my credit cards except one.  Thanks to God and the Queen (whose face is printed...

– Apr 10, 2013