African American mothers breastfeed

Breastfeeding At Graduation Pic Is Some Kinda Wonderful—And Exactly What Black Folk Need To See

Apparently, the earth is going to stop spinning on its rotational axis because this graduate posted a picture of herself breastfeeding at graduation.

– Jun 10, 2014

Not Everyone Can Breastfeed: A Tale Of Pregnancy, Depression & Formula Feeding

We are always told that formula is fine but “breast is best.” But this mom's story is just one example of why it doesn’t work for every family.

– Apr 23, 2014

Fresh Links: Breastfeeding Support For Black Moms, Plus Honest Toddler & New De La Soul Music

Just a few months after the Centers For Disease Control reported a rise in both the numbers of African American mothers breastfeeding and the length...

– Apr 19, 2013

Does This Picture Of Me Breastfeeding Look Sexual? Facebook Might Think So—Feminist Breeder Doesn’t.

A friend of mine, Gina at The Feminist Breeder, got booted off of Facebook recently for posting this HILARIOUS photo of her baby girl, with...

– Nov 15, 2012