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Our Teen Crush Amandla Stenberg on Cultural Appropriation: “What Would America Be Like If We Loved Black People As Much As We Loved Black Culture?”

What's got us smiling from ear to ear and high-fiving Black girl magic today? This video of 16-year-old "Hunger Games" actress Amandla Stenberg breaking down cultural appropriation and the importance of respect for Black aesthetic.

– Apr 20, 2015

In Defense Of Willow Smith and Fast Tail Girls

What kind of message do we send black girls when we make them responsible for the impure thoughts of adults?

– May 14, 2014

Eye Candy: Vintage Black Celebrity Family Pictures

Vintage pictures of some of our favorite Black celebrities and their children.

– Feb 7, 2014

Gisele Bundchen’s Breastfeeding Photo: Leave This Working Mom Alone Already!

Yes, Gisele Bundchen Instagrammed a shot of herself getting glam while breastfeeding her daughter. And she deserves our applause, not ridicule.

– Dec 12, 2013

Where Did Our Love Go? Anthony Hamilton’s Wife Talks Motherhood & Marriage In New Book

Editor’s Note: Tarsha Hamilton is a woman who wears many hats. She is a singer/songwriter who has traveled the world sharing her gift. Married to...

– May 9, 2013