Malcolm X_Muhammad Ali_and childrenToday, pictures of celebrities’ children are just a Google search away, but there was a time, way before paparazzi, way before blogs, way before gossip pages, that a star’s kids were generally off-limits to public viewing—especially if they were African American. You could count on Black media stalwarts Ebony and Jet to show the occasional family portrait, of course, but all-too-often, seeing the beauty of the loving relationships Black stars shared with their babies proved elusive. But they’re out there. Here, MyBrownBaby tracks down some of our favorites. (Click the arrows at the top of the photos.)
Harry Belafonte with Shari BelafonteHarry Belafonte with daughter, Shari, 1957
[Spotted on Beautiful Black Babies]
Malcolm X_Muhammad Ali_and children Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali and their daughters. [Spotted on Black-Culture.Tumblr]

Eartha Kitt and Daughter Kitt Shapiro on Swing Eartha Kitt and daughter Kitt Shapiro. [Spotted on]

Bill Cosby with Children Bill and Camille Cosby with daughters Erika and Errin. [Spotted on SpecialNights.Tumblr]
Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole Nat King Cole and daughter, Natalie, circa 1955. [Spotted on WhisperedBetweenWomen.Tumblr].
josephine-baker-with-childrenJosephine Baker and her 12 children, a multinational group of adoptees she called her “Rainbow Tribe.” [Spotted on].

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  1. And everyone of them beautiful!

  2. Love Josephine Baker. Thanks for the beautiful photos.

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