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Homeschooling Black Children: This Is How (and Why!) This Mom Does It. Plus: a Book Giveaway!

Homeschooling Black children took a whole 'nother meaning after this white mom of brown children saw Black history ignored in her children's school.

– Jul 28, 2015

3 Black Family Travel Destinations Perfect For Winter Break (#RIFamily)

A comprehensive list of great places to be and great things to do on a black family trip.

– Dec 30, 2014

Beyond MLK Day: Teaching Kids Why Martin Matters

How to make Martin Luther King, Jr.'s life and his work meaningful for children today — and forever.

– Jan 20, 2014

Oprah Winfrey & Forest Whitaker on the N-Word, Racism, Trayvon & Their New Movie, ‘The Butler’

I was surrounded by a birthday party of 12 giggly teenagers at a showing of Jaden Smith’s After Earth when I first saw the trailer...

– Aug 1, 2013

Class Act: Remembering and Celebrating 42 and Negro League Baseball, For Our Babies’ Sakes

This past weekend, we took the girlpies to see 42, the feature film about Jackie Robinson, the first African American to play in Major League...

– Apr 15, 2013