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BLACK, Speakeasy with Denene: Being Black Is An Extreme Sport

I founded SPEAKEASY WITH DENENE to give my people a nod that says, “I see you.” That's why this week's password is so fitting: BLACK.

– Dec 5, 2019

‘My Brown Baby,’ My New Black Parenting Book, Is In Stores Today!

It's pub day for My Brown Baby: On the Joys and Challenges of Raising African American Children, my new parenting book. Let's celebrate!

– Mar 7, 2017

Are Black Moms Meaner Than Most? {MyBrownBaby Open Thread}

We know Black moms love our babies and that we care for their every need just like any other mom. But my God, the cursing, the beating, the emotional abuse that we see all-too-many Black moms unleashing on their children in the street, at the mall, on public transportation, in school, out in public, hurts us to my core.

– Oct 17, 2013

Happy 5th Anniversary, MyBrownBaby! Celebrate With A FREE Copy Of ‘The Best of MyBrownBaby!’

Cue the confetti! Toss up the glitter! Turn my music up high! Today, we’re celebrating MyBrownBaby’s fifth anniversary—five years of delicious, insightful, smart, funny, irreverent...

– Oct 1, 2013

[FATHER/HOOD] Villages Don’t Raise Children Anymore

By SHAWN TAYLOR Let’s go way back. On the 1996 De La Soul classic Stakes Is High, Posdnuos emceed “Neighborhoods are now ’hoods/’Cause nobody’s neighbors/Just animals/Surviving with...

– Apr 3, 2013

Colorado Shooting & Babies In the Movie Theater: Should Kids See Adult Flicks?

While last week’s senseless Dark Knight Rising massacre in a Colorado theater has everyone talking about gun control, mental illness and alleged shooter James Holmes’s...

– Jul 23, 2012