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R. Kelly’s New Album ‘Black Panties’: Um, Why? Just Why? I Got Questions (Open Thread)

What—haven't you heard? R. Kelly has a new album out. Apparently it's all the rage. Some of us don't quite understand why.

– Dec 13, 2013

As Violence Explodes in PG-13 Movies, Parents Have to Say No to Hollywood

If we care at all about our children and about the fate of our society, we need to take a stand against the violence Hollywood is peddling to us. The easiest way to take a stand? Let our dollars do the talking.

– Nov 11, 2013

If I Hear R. Kelly On My Radio One Mo’ ‘Gin…

Correct me if I’m wong, but wasn’t R. Kelly dragged to trial on charges he peed on and had sex with a 13-year-old? On tape?...

– Dec 7, 2010