That madness up top, of the accused pedophile R.Kelly, a 46-year-old grown ass man, holding what appears to be a damn-near naked teen girl no older than my high school freshman in his lap while he strums her like a violin, would be the cover of R. Kelly’s new album, Black Panties.

*insert image of Denene with the 1990 3rd Base-styled Gas Face here*

This momofocka right here? 

This! Momofocka! Right! Here!

Why, Lord? Jesus? Jehovah? Yahweh? Rastafari? Ma’at? Just… why?

Why is an accused pedophile anywhere near a woman who looks like she’s young and nubile?

Why does R. Kelly have a recording deal that allows him to make albums with this foolishness on the cover?

Why does his foolishness continue to be played on Black radio, like peeing on little girls and videotaping it for posterity is aight with everybody?

Why is there still an audience of Black folks who’ll buy his music and bump it from their cars, like peeing on little girls and videotaping it for posterity is aight with everybody?

For God’s sake, why are there still women on the planet who would dress in nothing but a thong and hop up into this man’s lap and play themselves like this?

“Marry the P*ssy.” That’s the name of one of his songs. Why?

When are Negroes going to get some scruples and stop being hoodwinked, run amok and led astray by this accused pedophile just because he knows how to string together some provocative lyrics sung over a catchy beat?

I got questions?

Don’t you?

Hit me in the comments section.

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Denene Millner

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  1. Well this is the state of them music industry. This will only change when the music consumers decide they want some real music and not some trash.

  2. I am extremely disappointed with R. Kelly and this album. I assume he must be going thru a mid like crisis because he is too old to dress like he has been and his songs are too distasteful. I am a fan but I wouldn’t want this album if it were free. I do like one of the songs be has with 2Chainz but I was mortified when I saw the video for “Cookie”. I have not heard the album in its entirety but if he got a song about marrying the “pocketbook”, and Cookies I think I will pass on it lol. I think R. Kelly is trying too hard to fit in. I will not support this album and don’t get me started on that disgusting cover and the title of it. Just embarrassing.

  3. Things that make you go “Hmmm…” The real head scratcher is that many of his “fans” are fellow mommies who have their own daughters. I. just. don’t. get. it.

    • I’m sure a lot of people you may like in the entertainment industry have done something not so great in their life. I never saw this infamous R. Kelly video but he was found not guilty for lack of evidence. I don’t know if he committed a crime or not, that’s between him and God.

  4. It’s hard to believe that the man that put out some of my favorite, inspiring songs (“World’s Greatest,” “I Believe I Can Fly”) is now putting out trash with a catchy beat…. and people are jumping on it. I expect to see musicians, and their music, grow over time. R. Kelly appears to be regressing, which is so unfortunate.

  5. The world will be a much better place when we stop worrying about what other people are doing and what they choose to experience in this life. R. Kelly was never found to be guilty of being a pedophile. The woman in the video refused to corroborate the story that would have found him guilty. There is no supply without demand so let the people who like his music continue to purchase it and if you don’t like it then don’t. If there is going to be outrage about pedophilia then there are many places to look for verifiable cases of it where the victims have spoken out, namely the church. R. Kelly is talented as are tons of artists who have so called questionable lifestyles. His tribute to Mandela was awesome no matter what he was accused of in the past. I would hope that I would not be forever judged by my past, especially based on an accusation alone.

    • Just one note, Anthony: the “woman” you speak of in the video was not a woman. She was said to be a child—no older at the time of the filming than 13. So we’re clear.

      • She was a woman when she denied the accusations against him. She accepted money for college in exchange for her statement that she was not the person in the video. At some point we have to teach women to speak up and not settle for money or things in exchange for their silence. Until then rapists and pedophiles will never be punished for their behavior. I was raped by an uncle at 13 and I chose to speak out, I just wish more women were willing. The main point of my response is that I just don’t feel that people are forever guilty for what they have done. If she can “let it go” in whatever way she chose to, why do we forever condemn?

        • AnthonyJaysMom,

          I can certainly agree with you that we need to teach women to speak up for themselves. I think you might agree with me, too, though, that as parents, we need to protect our children by any means necessary. That she was a woman by the time they tried R. Kelly doesn’t change the fact that he peed in an 8th grader’s mouth and had sex with her on film. The passage of years does not make it all-of-a-sudden okay. Being intimidated into taking hush money doesn’t make it okay. And as much as I’d love to be like Jesus and forgive, it’s kind of hard to do that when the person who needs forgiving refuses to acknowledge the sin or the problem. Being a grown man and raping young girls is definitely a sin in my book, one that, as the mother of young girls and as a woman, I could never, ever condone/support/be okay with. You most certainly won’t be seeing me purchasing/listening to/dancing to the music of a man who proclaims his latest album an ode to vaginas anyway, much less created by a dude who has been accused by DOZENS of young girls (not just the girl in the one tape) of being a pedophile.

  6. I’m sorry but miss me with that “he was found not guilty!!” mess. Especially when dang near everyone woman I’ve spoken to that hails from Chicago has an R.Kelly story and there’s an annulled marriage to a 15 year old on record. No dice.

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