My Black Son Could’ve Been Shot By Police In My House

When her Black son forgets the secret word needed to turn off the burglar alarm, this mom imagines the very worst: police showing up to her doorstep.

– Nov 1, 2016

Michael Robinson’s Diabetes Jail Death Over Child Support Was Cruel

Michael Robinson got arrested for failing to pay child support and died after being denied life-saving insulin. It's time to advocate for prisoner's rights.

– Aug 25, 2015

Hope. Or When History Stops Repeating Itself.

If hope fueled the courage of our forebears in Selma, surely it can fuel the courage we need to fix Ferguson and make the world a better place for our kids.

Meditation On Jahi McMath, Brain Death, Compassion and a Black Mother’s Love

Jahi McGrath's mother deserves the space to recover from the shock of her daughter's condition—and our grace.

– Jan 10, 2014

Black Breastfeeding Week 2013: How Breastfeeding Made Me a Better Pediatrician

I breastfed my daughter and son for 19 and 24 months, respectively. Yes, they had teeth. They were talking and walking. In the end, it...

– Aug 30, 2013