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Not Like Oprah: Teaching Kids To Shine On Their Own Terms

It's natural to want our children to follow the steps of successful people. But what we should truly want is a kid who beats her own drum.

The Sneaky Child is the Best Child

Parenting a sneaky toddler can be tricky. But this mom prefers her kid be the sneaky one anyway.

Zero Years a Slave: Setting my Child Free from Generational Bondages

Watching "Twelve Years A Slave" made Tracey Michae'l Lewis-Giggetts think long and hard about her own mental/emotional bondage, and ways she can avoid passing along her baggage to her daughter.

{Faith & Motherhood} The Solution to Selfishness: Parenthood

Want to control—or even eliminate—selfishness? I have the perfect solution! Have a baby!

{Faith & Motherhood} Developing My Child’s ‘Character’: The Greatest Ghostwriting Gig Ever

I'm helping to write the first few chapters of my daughter’s life, so that I don't miss the opportunity to inject lessons that she'd never come up with on her own.

Keep Your Head Up Gabby Douglas: Celebrating the Olympian, Her Strength and Black Girl Beauty

By DeNEEN L. BROWN Hang in there, Gabby. Just like you did when you dipped your hands in chalk and prepared to soar on the...

– Aug 13, 2012