coping with racism

That SAE Video, Racist College Culture & Black Student Survival At University

Let's stop pretending that what we saw on the SAE video happened in a vacuum. American college campuses are a hotbed for racism. Let's start there.

– Mar 12, 2015

This Is Why I Keep Writing About Race and Racism

Maybe what I have failed to put a finer point on is that good-intentioned liberals do not understand what racism means.

– Jun 17, 2014


It's not merely that racism is still rampant in America -- it's that your reaction to it matters.

– Jun 6, 2014

On Race & Double Standards: Will Change Ever Come?

When racial double standards play themselves out on this mom's doorstep, she wonders if her daughter will ever see equal justice.

Race Factor 101: Raising Kids in a World of Donald Sterlings

Every issue is a teachable moment, especially when it comes to teaching kids about selective outrage.

– May 21, 2014

200 Words On Racism, Black Families and Our Inalienable Right To Just… Be

Clearly, the good folk of the trendy and family-friendly areas of Atlanta like their homes fried, dyed and gentrified. Blacks need not apply.

– Mar 21, 2014

I’m A Black Single Mom and Black People Stereotype Me Like Crazy

This single Black mom is always subject to stereotypes, but it never ceases to amaze her that the majority of ridicule comes from others in her race.

– Jan 28, 2014

The N Word: How Do You Talk To Your Child About This Hateful Slur? {Open Thread}

My girls have permission to put the paws on whoever dares to call them the "N" word. How are you counseling your kids to respond to it?

– Oct 25, 2013

What If Trayvon Had Come Back Home? We Must Teach Our Children How to Cope With Racism

By HOWARD STEVENSON Let’s say your black son comes home one night, scared, out of breath from running. He tells you that some guy with...

– Jul 16, 2013

Why White Parents Should Teach Their Children About Race

Really, it wasn’t planned, this cornucopia of color and races and backgrounds and experiences. It was just Mari’s birthday party, a tiny affair that involved...

– Jun 24, 2011