educating african american children

This’ll Make Tiger Mom’s Head Explode: A Radical Way To Parent Black Children

Our jobs as parents is to help our children practice excellence within their own unique life design. Here's a radical way one mom puts this to the test as she unschools her daughters.

– Apr 21, 2014

Brilliant but Lazy: Helping Your Underachieving Son to Succeed

How do you motivate your underachiever when you know he has the potential to succeed in school and life?

– Mar 31, 2014

Millionaire Miracle in Tangelo Park: Hotelier Harris Rosen Gives Free Daycare, College Tuition To Black Neighborhood

The story of millionaire hotelier Harris Rosen’s generosity toward the children of a mostly Black, poverty-stricken community in Orlando, totally made my MyBrownBaby day today.

– Nov 19, 2013

Act Like A Slave: Hartford Parents File Complaint After Students Forced To Re-Enact Slavery On Field Trip

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Hartford, Conn., parents were shocked to discover that their 12-year-old daughter and her...

– Sep 23, 2013