faith & motherhood

Blood at the Root: Sandra Bland, A Broken System and Teaching Brown Babies How to Live Free

Our Faith & Motherhood columnist talks Sandra Bland and wrestling with not knowing how to teach her brown baby how to live free.

Bless Your Heart: Turning 40 as the Mother of a Pre-Schooler

Turning 40 has put a lot of perspective in this mom's journey—and made her appreciate it all the more.

No Elsas (or Rachels) Here: One Mother Prays that She Can Teach Her Daughter to “Identify” as Her Own Beautiful Self

Black girl beauty is in the eye of the beholder—and on the tongues of those who love our Black girls and should be telling them they're beautiful.

Hearing God’s Voice Lets Us Know That the Kids (and We) Are Alright

During a commune with nature, this mom heard God's voice in the tweets of the birds—and learned a valuable lesson along the way.

The Greatest Gift A Parent Could Give To a Child: In God (and Mommy/Daddy) She Trusts

How one dad's mission to put a little sweetness in his child's hand inspired a mom to give her daughter the gift of trust.

“Mommy, why can’t I fly?” How to Not Let Real Limitations Stop our Babies From Dreaming

Hopped up on "Tinkerbell" flicks, this mom's toddler thinks she can fly—until she realizes she can't. What this mother says to help her understand will melt your heart.

– Apr 2, 2015

Diaper Bags and Church Shoes: In Praise of MyBrownBaby’s Own, Tracey Michael Lewis-Giggetts

"Diaper Bags and Church Shoes" is the book that helps steady your walk in faith and motherhood.

– Mar 19, 2015

When the Devil is Busy, Don’t Get Mad…Get Foolish.

The devil is busy, especially when you're chasing your joy. But remember: God's got something better. Always.

– Mar 6, 2015

The Sun Won’t Wait for You: Lessons In Being Present

Missing the beauty of the sunrise gave this mother a lesson in being present—one we could all use.

Hope. Or When History Stops Repeating Itself.

If hope fueled the courage of our forebears in Selma, surely it can fuel the courage we need to fix Ferguson and make the world a better place for our kids.