Father’s Day

A Black Teen Father in Pursuit: a Father’s Day Appeal For Mentors To Help Young Dads

A father who had his first child at age 15 shares his experience as a teen father and the importance of mentoring.

– Jun 19, 2015

The Bomb Father’s Day Gift Guide

This Mother's Day Gift Guide is full of treasures guaranteed to make the mom in your life happy.

– Jun 16, 2015

The Truth About Black Fathers: Celebrating the Man Who Raised Me on Father’s Day

I need only to look at the unequivocal love of my father to know, for sure, that good Black fathers are not a fairytale.

– Jun 8, 2015

A New Way To Celebrate Father’s Day: Black Dads As Fatherhood Mentors

By SHAWN TAYLOR I am fairly certain that much of my family became Jehovah’s Witnesses because they didn’t want to celebrate holidays. Instead of just...

– Jun 12, 2013