finding faith in God

When the Devil is Busy, Don’t Get Mad…Get Foolish.

The devil is busy, especially when you're chasing your joy. But remember: God's got something better. Always.

– Mar 6, 2015

Not Like Oprah: Teaching Kids To Shine On Their Own Terms

It's natural to want our children to follow the steps of successful people. But what we should truly want is a kid who beats her own drum.

Shaped By God: Encouraging Faith—As Opposed to Religion—in My Child

A mother ponders teaching her daughter about faith—teachings that involve more than the transfer of Bible facts and "Because Jesus said so."

Forget 2014 New Year Resolutions: Try this REVOLUTION For Moms & Dads

Forget about the resolutions. Focusing on the process, rather than the goal, will have you winning every time.

Jesus vs. Santa Claus: Why Parents on Both Sides of the Issue Need to Get Over Themselves

Is it possible to have a child believe in Santa Claus and still teach them about the birth of a Savior, the true meaning of Christmas?

The Lord Will Make a Way: When Tragedy Reminds Us To Be Faithful and Trust God [For R’ Mani]

The brutal death of a child and her pregnant mother reminds a mother to embrace the instincts God gives us—because He never steers us wrong.

What Matters Most On Thanksgiving Day and Every Day

A MyBrownBaby Thanksgiving treat!