Fine Black Art

Painting With Light: Bunch Washington & the Importance of Black Art To Our Children

Celebrating the work of artist McCleary "Bunch" Washington at Franklin & Marshall College.

– Sep 9, 2014

Black Art, History On Glorious Display In Atlanta with the Kinsey Collection

The must-see Kinsey Collection is at the Atlanta History Center through July 13, 2014.

– Apr 8, 2014

My #KinseyUntold Story: A Black Couple Adopts A Baby, Building Their Family and Defying the Odds

I hear often whenever the subject of adoption comes up that white people adopt Black children because African American couples will not, and sure, there...

– Sep 4, 2013

The Kinsey Collection: Exploring Our Inspired History Through Art and the Words of Talib Kweli

Family is… everything—the very essence of human connection. As necessary, certainly, as air. Water. Freedom. Imagine, then, the absence of these things—the powerlessness that came...

– Jul 11, 2013