George Zimmerman

Powerless Black Mothers: Protecting Our Sons From Stereotypes, Danger Feels Impossible

This mom is raising three Black sons who love loud music and hoodies. And she's scared to death she won't be able to protect them from the tyranny of stereotypes.

– Apr 15, 2014

Seriously, Can We Stop Calling Cops On Little Black Kids Already?

Omari Grant, 11, had a cop's gun shoved in his face for doing what kids do—which is what happens when adults refuse to acknowledge the humanity of Black children.

– Apr 8, 2014

Harris-Perry: Marissa Alexander’s New Trial Gives Florida a Chance to Correct a Grave Wrong

Marissa Alexander's new trial gives the state of Florida an opportunity to correct a grave injustice, as Melissa Harris-Perry eloquently points out

– Dec 2, 2013

Tasteless, Racist Trayvon Martin Costumes: What Better Not Show Up On My Stoop This Halloween

Kids, freaks, racists and fools love them some Halloween, but this photo of two ignoramuses in Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman costumes, replete with blackface, a bloody sweatshirt, a gun and giggles, made me see stars, stripes, thunderclouds and lightening.

– Oct 28, 2013

Jonathan Ferrell: Ex-Florida A&M Player Shot 10 Times By North Carolina Cop After Seeking Help

In yet another case highlighting the precarious existence of African-American men, 24-year-old Jonathan Ferrell, a former football player at Florida A&M described by family as...

– Sep 17, 2013

George Zimmerman’s Wife Calls 911, Claims He Punched Her Dad and Pulled A Gun On Them

Be clear: we all saw this coming. George Zimmerman was taken into police custody Monday after his wife, Shellie Zimmerman, called 911 to report that...

– Sep 10, 2013

For Fairytale Believers: Aiyana Jones, 7-Year-Old Killed In Detroit Police Raid, Deserves Justice (Petition)

By ASHA FRENCH Post-Zimmerman verdict parenting has many Black parents feeling like Sethe (a character from Toni Morrison’s Beloved); we realize that the world is not fit...

– Aug 23, 2013

Mad About Trayvon: Finding the Right Words To Explain Anger Over ‘Not Guilty’ Verdict To Kids

By SHAWN TAYLOR I think I scared my daughter. Hell, I think I terrified her. When I heard the Zimmerman verdict, I lost it. I yelled...

– Jul 17, 2013

What If Trayvon Had Come Back Home? We Must Teach Our Children How to Cope With Racism

By HOWARD STEVENSON Let’s say your black son comes home one night, scared, out of breath from running. He tells you that some guy with...

– Jul 16, 2013

In a Fog of Trayvon Rage and Sadness, Saying Goodbye to My Son

By NICK CHILES As the pain of the George Zimmerman verdict settled in yesterday, the sting of the words “not guilty” slowly starting to recede,...

– Jul 15, 2013