Shelly Zimmerman 911 Call

Be clear: we all saw this coming. George Zimmerman was taken into police custody Monday after his wife, Shellie Zimmerman, called 911 to report that the man who got away with killing Trayvon Martin had punched her father in the nose and was threatening them with a gun.

Zimmerman was detained for a short time by Lake Mary, Florida, police, but let go after Shellie declined to press charges, according to police. Presumably, he still has his gun and, in getting away yet again with hurting someone sans consequences, more license to attack, hurt and even kill someone and, quite possibly, get away with murder. Again.

Shellie Zimmerman’s frantic phone call to police came just one week after she filed for divorce from George Zimmerman, telling the world that he was verbally abusive toward her. She can be heard in a 911 call telling the dispatcher that George had “his hand on his gun and he keeps saying step closer.”

“Step closer and what?” the dispatcher asks.

“And he’s going to shoot us,” Shellie Zimmerman replies.

But about 90 minutes after that call, Lake Mary Police Chief Steve Bracknell confirmed that Shellie Zimmerman and her father, David Dean, had signed paperwork declining to press charges. “We have no victim, no crime,” Bracknell said.

Apparently the Lake Mary house on Sprucewood Drive where the incident occurred was where George and Shellie lived during his high-profile trial for killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. Police indicated that Zimmerman was cooperating with police, and they would document the incident thoroughly in case Shellie or her father changed their minds.

During the 911 call, Shellie says her husband punched her father, leaving a mark on his face. “He’s shaking, he says he feels like he’s going to have a heart attack, his nose might be broken,” she said. “I’m really, really afraid,” Shellie Zimmerman added. “I don’t know what he’s capable of. I’m really, really scared.”

During the call, she can be heard warning her father to stay away from George: “Dad get inside the house, George might start shooting at us.”

Sprucewood Road was soon flooded with media after news broke that Zimmerman was in custody. About 70 minutes after the 911 call, Zimmerman’s attorney, Mark O’Mara, arrived at the scene.

The entire incident seemed to confirm statements Shellie made last week during an interview with ABC News, when she said the acquittal has made him feel “invincible” and led him to make “some reckless decisions.” Shellie, 26, called him “selfish” and said that after almost seven years of marriage she doesn’t think she ”ever really knew him at all.” She said that after the stresses of the trial, her life is now shattered. “I stood by my husband through everything and I kind of feel like he left me with a bunch of broken glass that I’m supposed to now assemble and make a life… It’s just heartbreaking,” she said, adding that he was verbally abusive toward her, hurting her “emotionally, but never physical.”

“I have a selfish husband. And I think George is all about George,” she said. “I think I’m realizing that I have been married to a person for almost seven years, and I don’t think that I ever really knew him at all.”

But once again Zimmerman got the message that he could do whatever he wants and not have to face any consequences. Forgive me for being a little naive about such things, but where is it okay to beat an old man, wave a gun at two family members and threaten to shoot them, and then walk away without a single charge?

Oh. Right. Florida.  *eye roll*

Let’s see: George Zimmerman has killed an unarmed teenager. Beaten up an old man. Waved a gun and threatened said old man and a woman—his wife. Who, exactly, will George Zimmerman have to hurt/maim/murder to face serious consequences for his actions? Who, pray tell, is next?

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  1. I’m rolling my eyes right with you with this foolery!

  2. You are assuming things are fair in america. Florida is like 2 weeks out of slavery so the cops there are NOT going to pull this man over, they are treating him like hes a cop. Bc its the old boy network they look out for one another and remember his fathers a judge. But shellie i think was a little dramatic, but still. I think they should have black cops deal with black crime personally.

  3. The thing that GETS me the most is WHERE is the justice for this young man. Ppl make jokes about george zimmerman and its like tmz and hes a celebrity but if i was sabrina fulton i would b sick watching tv. How dare florida let this happen, if it happened to AMBER the whole country would b turned up side down until the killer faced justice. So they can relate to OUR kids and george zimmerman is a celebrity and posterchild for the nra. All the times bfore he was in trouble with the law he never faced consequences and now he killed someone and got off. I mean WHERE IS HIS MOMMA?how long did casey anthony stay in jail with no real proof of murder, yet we Know this man negligantly killed trayvon supposedly in self defense and admitted to it and he never spent a day in jail. Either he’s truly innocent or hell fire must b awaiting bc i DONT understand.

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