Jill Scott

Jill Scott’s New Mahogany Greeting Cards Line Is Helping Me Love On My Friends

Mahogany greeting cards teamed up with Jill Scott to create a new line of dope cards that reminds me of the beauty of my friendships.

– Feb 8, 2017

Book to Film: How ‘The Vow’ Became ‘With This Ring’

The book to film road for the novel, "The Vow," was paved with a decade's worth of obstacles before it became the Lifetime movie, "With This Ring."

– Jan 23, 2015

Jill Scott On Falling In Love With ‘With This Ring’: “There’s Something So Pure About It”

Jill Scott, who in the new Lifetime movie "With This Ring" plays Viviane, the character I created in "The Vow," just, like, gets it.

– Jan 22, 2015

‘With This Ring’ Eye Candy Stephen Bishop On The Vow & Why He Loves Regina Hall

"Being Mary Jane's" Stephen Bishop is absolutely dreamy in the new Lifetime movie, "With This Ring."

– Jan 21, 2015

Exclusive: Sneak Peek at “With This Ring’s” Jill Scott and Jason George (VIDEO)

You know I got the goods: here's an exclusive MyBrownBaby sneak peek at a scene in Lifetime's new original movie, "With This Ring," featuring Jill Scott and Jason W. George as the couple I created in "The Vow."

– Jan 8, 2015

Watch This: ‘With This Ring’ Trailer, Starring Regina Hall, Jill Scott (VIDEO)

Check out the trailer for "With This Ring," the new Lifetime movie based on, "The Vow," the novel MyBrownBaby's own Denene Millner co-authored with Angela Burt-Murray and Mitzi Miller.

– Jan 2, 2015

‘With This Ring’ and Other Things MyBrownBaby’s Been Up To

  Summer came and the kids had camp and I had a writing project and then big things we’d been plotting for years came at...

– Aug 18, 2014