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Brown Girls Publishing: New Black Books Penned By Kids, For Kids

Introducing four new authors—children who penned Black books for Black children. Yes!

– Dec 11, 2014

‘Firebird’: Ballerina Misty Copeland’s Children’s Book Leaps For Brown Girls (GIVEAWAY)

Ballerina Misty Copeland talks Black Girl Magic with her new children's picture book, "Firebird."

– Sep 3, 2014

My Black Is Beautiful—Now Can We See It In Children’s Books?

How can we help inspire young girls to believe they're beautiful and can achieve anything? Start by creating books that say its possible.

– May 1, 2014

Louis Armstrong Had A Child: The Daughter Of A Jazz Icon Yearns For A Father’s Love

On the first day, in the first 15 minutes after I met Sharon Preston-Folta, we cried together. Her story, her testimony, simply moved me. Sharon,...

– Dec 19, 2012