MyBrownBaby contests

Jockey Skimmies® Make My Big Booty Challenges Go Far Away—Plus, a #SkimmiesPromo Giveaway!

Carrying "alla this" is no easy feat. Especially when undergarments refuse to play nice. Enter: Jockey Skimmies!

– Jun 9, 2014

The End of MyBrownBaby: Why I Kept Grinding, Plus the #McCafeGrind Winner Is…

Real talk: I almost shut down MyBrownBaby. Here's why I kept going.

– Apr 14, 2014

This Is How I Rise and Grind: Plus, An Awesome $175 #McCafeGrind Giveaway

Win $175 worth of stellar office products to help you rise and grind, courtesy of McDonald's Free McCafe Coffee Week.

– Mar 31, 2014

An ‘EPIC’ MyBrownBaby Giveaway: Enter to Win One of Five Blu-Ray DVDs Of the Summer Hit

MyBrownBaby is making today an “epic” Friday with an awesome giveaway: five lucky readers will win a Deluxe Edition Blu-ray DVD of the animated adventure...

– Aug 23, 2013

The MyBrownBaby/Random House/Fodors “Road Trip Survival Kit” Giveaway ($300 Value!)

My parents didn’t take my brother and I on a lot of vacations when we were little—money was short, vacation time was hard to come...

– Aug 14, 2012