‘My Brown Baby,’ My New Black Parenting Book, Is In Stores Today!

It's pub day for My Brown Baby: On the Joys and Challenges of Raising African American Children, my new parenting book. Let's celebrate!

– Mar 7, 2017

To the Jerk Who Called Me a Black Racist: Don’t Come For Me Unless I Send For You

MyBrownBaby is a Blackety Black website written from a Blackety Black perspective by a Blackety Black writer. You will deal.

– Apr 30, 2015

Juicy Pics of Brown Babies Here: MyBrownBaby_Fresh Is On Instagram!

Pics of brown babies have long been in short supply. But here at MyBrownBaby, we're celebrating that beauty with a new Instagram page—MyBrownBaby_Fresh.

– Feb 26, 2015

The MyBrownBaby Year In Review: Top Blog Posts

Though some people were quite vocal about their hate for Facebook’s “Year In Review” app, I appreciated it for reminding me to look back at...

– Dec 29, 2014

25 Things You Don’t Know About MyBrownBaby’s Denene Millner—aka My Mom

You thought you knew Denene Millner? You have no idea. See what you find out when her daughter turns the blogging spotlight on her.

– Jun 19, 2014

The End of MyBrownBaby: Why I Kept Grinding, Plus the #McCafeGrind Winner Is…

Real talk: I almost shut down MyBrownBaby. Here's why I kept going.

– Apr 14, 2014