natural hair styles for children

Detangling, Washing & Conditioning Black Girl Hair: This Is How We Do It

Detangling, washing and conditioning Black girl hair is what we do in my house. Here's the routine that best works for us.

– Nov 28, 2012

Natural, Not Nappy: Surviving Back-handed Compliments On My Kinky, Curly Mane

The thing of it is, I’ve had natural hair for about 12 years now—years before Shea Moisture and Miss Jessie’s found a home on Target’s...

– Oct 2, 2012

Little Black Girls With Natural Hair: Lessons On Touching, Rocking and Loving Kinks & Curls

By DENENE MILLNER She was in her early 30s when she passed away from complications associated with diabetes and we were all in deep mourning...

– Aug 15, 2012