Tossing Student Lunches Over No Pay Is Cruel—and Dumb As Hell

Students already face a gang of divisions and prejudices in school. Now we're adding who can afford lunch to that list?

– Feb 18, 2014

Halloween Obese Letters For Trick or Treaters? Talk About Killjoy. Plus, I Prefer Gummy Bears.

Calling a kid fat just might do more harm mentally for that kid than any handful of mini-Snickers bars could do. Not to mention, it could convince a mom to march over to your house and smash a couple of... pumpkins. You just don't play with peoples' kids like that.

– Oct 31, 2013

Fly With the Angels, Chris Lighty: Fresh Links On A Music Mogul’s Death, Plus Clint Eastwood & More

For those of us who love Hip Hop, news of the death of record executive Chris Lighty, the architect of some of the most profound...

– Aug 31, 2012