Shawty lo

Here We Go Again: Tennessee’s Orlando Shaw, With 22 Kids by 14 Women, May Get Reality Show

By NICK CHILES First we got tortured by the travails of rapper Shawty Lo and his stable of baby mamas, now we stumble across this...

– Jul 25, 2013

Chris Rock’s Stalker Petitions To Get Shawty Lo & Mamas Back On Oxygen

A day after a nearly 40,000-signature petition pressured the Oxygen network to pull the plug on a reality show chronicling Shawty Lo and the 10...

– Jan 17, 2013

Update: Oxygen Officially Cancels Shawty Lo’s Show; “Amen” to Power of the People

By NICK CHILES UPDATE: Oxygen officially announced it has cancelled Shawty Lo’s “All My Babies’ Mamas,” a reality show that was to chronicle the relationship...

– Jan 15, 2013

Shawty Lo Must Go: An Open Letter To Oxygen Media CEO Jason Klarman

Editor’s Note: MyBrownBaby Contributor Nick Chiles’ post, “If We Let Shawty Lo’s Show Get on the Air, We Will Have Failed Ourselves,” inspired an incredible...

– Jan 3, 2013

If We Let Shawty Lo’s Show Get on the Air, We Will Have Failed Ourselves

By NICK CHILES Surely there has to be a line out there somewhere—a level of degradation, of downright sewer-level grossness, that is so low even...

– Jan 1, 2013