stop and frisk unconstitutional

Talking Free Range Parenting On NPR: Apparently I’m a Crap Mom For Not Letting My Kids Run Amok

No, I don't think it's cool to let kids roam in the park unsupervised for hours at a time. You can hate me now.

– Apr 28, 2015

The Hell? Philadelphia Teen Has Testicle Ruptured During Cop Pat-down.

The story of Darrin Manning, the Philly teen whose testicle was ruptured by a cop, makes me want to holler and throw up both my hands. And some ‘bows.

– Jan 24, 2014

FINALLY: Judge Rules NYC’s Stop-and-Frisk Program Unconstitutional

By NICK CHILES New York City’s controversial stop-and-frisk program was dealt a severe blow yesterday when a federal judge ruled that a portion of the...

– Jan 9, 2013