stop and frisk

The Hell? Philadelphia Teen Has Testicle Ruptured During Cop Pat-down.

The story of Darrin Manning, the Philly teen whose testicle was ruptured by a cop, makes me want to holler and throw up both my hands. And some ‘bows.

– Jan 24, 2014

For Fairytale Believers: Aiyana Jones, 7-Year-Old Killed In Detroit Police Raid, Deserves Justice (Petition)

By ASHA FRENCH Post-Zimmerman verdict parenting has many Black parents feeling like Sethe (a character from Toni Morrison’s Beloved); we realize that the world is not fit...

– Aug 23, 2013

FINALLY: Judge Rules NYC’s Stop-and-Frisk Program Unconstitutional

By NICK CHILES New York City’s controversial stop-and-frisk program was dealt a severe blow yesterday when a federal judge ruled that a portion of the...

– Jan 9, 2013

NYPD Stop and Frisk Practice In Action: 16-Year-old Called A “F*cking Mutt,” Threatened (VIDEO)

If you do nothing else today, press play and watch this video of a 16-year-old Harlem student named Alvin, who secretly recorded his own stop-and-frisk...

– Oct 11, 2012

“Justifiable” Stop & Search Before Tyler Perry: One Man’s Harrowing Story Of Racial Profiling

Editor’s Note: After a lengthy investigation, Atlanta police announced last week that officers who stopped and interrogated entertainment mogul Tyler Perry in February were “justified”...

– Sep 18, 2012

ENOUGH. [Don’t Let Aiyana Jones Die In Vain]

 Her name was Aiyana Jones and she was only 7 years old.The dimples in her chocolate cheeks and that hand on her hip tell a...

– May 21, 2010