talking about race to children

How to Talk to White Children About Race: Here’s How To Avoid Raising Another Rachel Dolezal

Want to avoid raising a delusional kid who thinks being Black is "cool"? Consider these tips for how to talk to white children about race.

– Jul 23, 2015

On Race & Double Standards: Will Change Ever Come?

When racial double standards play themselves out on this mom's doorstep, she wonders if her daughter will ever see equal justice.

The N Word: How Do You Talk To Your Child About This Hateful Slur? {Open Thread}

My girls have permission to put the paws on whoever dares to call them the "N" word. How are you counseling your kids to respond to it?

– Oct 25, 2013

“Parenthood” and The “N” Word: Tackling “The Talk” On TV

Season 4 of one of our favorite TV shows, Parenthood, is in full swing and the show isn’t slacking on the tough situations: Only months...

– Oct 10, 2012