toddlers and sleep

8 Ways Raising a Toddler Is Like a Hostage Negotiation with a Highly Unstable Person

Raising a toddler means accepting that they’re pissed off even when you give them exactly what they want.

– Mar 23, 2015

Will vs. Wisdom: What Toddler’s Terrible Twos Tells Us About Ourselves

This mom secretly loves (and recognizes!) her toddler's fearlessness. But she hopes her daughter learns to trust those who love her when they warn of the dangers ahead.

The Showdown: Bedtime Battles With Her Toddler Taught This Mom To Rest, Too

This mom is praying for her restless toddler to recognize the value of sleep/rest and to be obedient to both her parents and her own body. She prays, too, that she gets the lesson also.