transracial adoption

We The People: Peep the Black Girl Magic In this Powerful Teen Girls Poem

When four Black teen girls get together to write a slam poem about race, transracial adoption, single parent families and skin color, it's Black Girl Magic.

– Dec 6, 2016

Ashy Knees and Dry Hair: When Mixed Children Grooming Raises Eyebrows Abroad

Mixed children grooming becomes all the more precarious in foreign countries where racial stigmas aren't as obvious as here in America.

– Mar 17, 2015

An Open Letter to my Fellow White, Liberal Parents: DO BETTER

The white mom of a Black daughter chronicles white liberal racism, and implores white parents to be mindful of their biases.

– Nov 5, 2014

“Who’s Your Real Mother?” And Other Things To Never Say To An Adoptee

"I bet your real mother was beautiful," is among some of the many statements and questions that drive adoptees batty.

– May 13, 2014

Hey Adoptive Parents: Don’t Give Your Kids Back

Adoption is many things, but here's what it's not: giving back your children.

– Mar 28, 2014

For White Mothers Who Don’t Know How To Style Their Black Children’s Natural Hair: I Feel You

This mom says she'll never look at that brown child with the white mom and make assumptions again.

– Mar 17, 2014

Why This White Mom Loves MyBrownBaby

A white mother of brown children explains why she find solace, strength and home in

– Mar 10, 2014

Born Behind Bars: How Separation, Foster Care and Adoption Shaped My Life

An adoptee born in prison remembers the trauma of being taken from her birth mother, and counts the emotional toll it took on her life.

– Mar 5, 2014

“Mom, Why Is Everyone Here White?” What My Son Knows About Race That I Never Did

Even Rebecca Carroll's 8-year-old son knows there's something wrong when they visit her virtually all-white hometown.

– Jan 13, 2014

Transracial Adoption: A White Mom’s Complex Journey Parenting Black Children

In the continual walk into the bizarre, bittersweet, and complex journey of transracial adoption and parenting... and in learning who I am and what I can become, I’ve evolved into someone so much more than the person the world says I should be.

– Oct 14, 2013