white racism in America

Mo’Ne Davis Forgives Her Twitter Troll. Sweet, But That Wouldn’t Be My Daughter.

Mo'Ne Davis forgives the dude who called her a "slut." But that's not the message I want my daughters to embrace.

– Mar 24, 2015

An Open Letter to my Fellow White, Liberal Parents: DO BETTER

The white mom of a Black daughter chronicles white liberal racism, and implores white parents to be mindful of their biases.

– Nov 5, 2014

This Is Why I Keep Writing About Race and Racism

Maybe what I have failed to put a finer point on is that good-intentioned liberals do not understand what racism means.

– Jun 17, 2014

Race Factor 101: Raising Kids in a World of Donald Sterlings

Every issue is a teachable moment, especially when it comes to teaching kids about selective outrage.

– May 21, 2014

I’m a Young, Childless Black Woman and I’m Afraid To Have a Black Son

Ultimately all human life is fragile, but the deaths of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis show us that the lives of black boys can be disproportionately ephemeral.

– Mar 11, 2014

Tasteless, Racist Trayvon Martin Costumes: What Better Not Show Up On My Stoop This Halloween

Kids, freaks, racists and fools love them some Halloween, but this photo of two ignoramuses in Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman costumes, replete with blackface, a bloody sweatshirt, a gun and giggles, made me see stars, stripes, thunderclouds and lightening.

– Oct 28, 2013

The N Word: How Do You Talk To Your Child About This Hateful Slur? {Open Thread}

My girls have permission to put the paws on whoever dares to call them the "N" word. How are you counseling your kids to respond to it?

– Oct 25, 2013

Wisconsin Sikh Temple Shootings: Hate Should Never Be the American Way—But It Is

Today, we at MyBrownBaby take a moment to mourn the deaths of the six worshipers killed Sunday at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin by a...

– Aug 7, 2012

Hunger Game Fans’ Racist Tweets: The Devaluation Of Black Children On Screen & In Real Life

With the vicious smear campaign launched against Trayvon Martin, the savage beating death of an Iraqi-American mother of five, killed in her own home by...

– Mar 28, 2012

Why White Parents Should Teach Their Children About Race

Really, it wasn’t planned, this cornucopia of color and races and backgrounds and experiences. It was just Mari’s birthday party, a tiny affair that involved...

– Jun 24, 2011