With This Ring

A Word About My Friend Mitzi Miller & Choosing Happy

Choosing happy requires one to be fearless. It's a tough combo to pull off. But Mitzi Miller has done it, leaving some cues for us moms and our kids.

– Mar 3, 2015

Full Circle: The Connection Between ‘With This Ring’ and Ernie Banks

When the "With This Ring" premiere trended on Twitter this weekend, the road God planned for me long ago became abundantly clear.

– Jan 26, 2015

Book to Film: How ‘The Vow’ Became ‘With This Ring’

The book to film road for the novel, "The Vow," was paved with a decade's worth of obstacles before it became the Lifetime movie, "With This Ring."

– Jan 23, 2015

Jill Scott On Falling In Love With ‘With This Ring’: “There’s Something So Pure About It”

Jill Scott, who in the new Lifetime movie "With This Ring" plays Viviane, the character I created in "The Vow," just, like, gets it.

– Jan 22, 2015

‘With This Ring’ Eye Candy Stephen Bishop On The Vow & Why He Loves Regina Hall

"Being Mary Jane's" Stephen Bishop is absolutely dreamy in the new Lifetime movie, "With This Ring."

– Jan 21, 2015

‘With This Ring’ Director Nzingha Stewart On Finding True Love & Her Top-Secret Project

Director Nzingha Stewart reveals the truest lesson in "With This Ring": Black women don't need to wait on men, careers to be happy.

– Jan 20, 2015

#WithThisRing Watch Party: A Planner For You & Your Girls

We've got the desserts, signature cocktails, social media handles and 44 for your #WithThisRing Watch Party. Who's partying with us for the "With This Ring" premiere?

– Jan 19, 2015

“With This Ring”: Yo! My Book Is A New Lifetime Movie!

The debut of "With This Ring," the new Lifetime movie based on "The Vow," the novel I co-authored with Angela Burt-Murray and Mitzi Miller, has me feeling some kind of way. Pass the tissues.

– Jan 19, 2015

Exclusive: Sneak Peek at “With This Ring’s” Jill Scott and Jason George (VIDEO)

You know I got the goods: here's an exclusive MyBrownBaby sneak peek at a scene in Lifetime's new original movie, "With This Ring," featuring Jill Scott and Jason W. George as the couple I created in "The Vow."

– Jan 8, 2015

Watch This: ‘With This Ring’ Trailer, Starring Regina Hall, Jill Scott (VIDEO)

Check out the trailer for "With This Ring," the new Lifetime movie based on, "The Vow," the novel MyBrownBaby's own Denene Millner co-authored with Angela Burt-Murray and Mitzi Miller.

– Jan 2, 2015