This video, Maxwell’s “Bad Habits,” from his new album BLACKsummer’snight, makes me feel some kinda ways. I’ll refrain from telling you exactly what kinda way that is, seeing as this is a family blog and all. But you’ll know instantly once you take a looksie. *fans self and clutches pearls* Um, is it getting hot in here? Can somebody get me some Evian? Somebody?

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  1. Mrs Denene can I just say that just about that whole album has me in a tizzy clutching my pearls sliding down to the floor grabbing for a bottle of Evian lol.

    Mr. Maxwell really did it with this new album. My 2 favs are Fistful of Tears and Play Possum.

    Thanks for posting this video!

  2. looks like there's a part II coming soon–let's hope so-very nice video-my dollar general pearls are scratching my neck, lemme take them off-and excuse me while i go rinse me off in the shower–maxwell is fionee with his classic look–lubbz it!!

  3. Bounty please I spilled my Evian!!!

    WOW… Can we have a moment of silience …WOW

    I think I'm feeling some kind of way also. Maxwell has definitely come back strong. Hopefully there will be more to come. Now can I have another Evian

  4. Well now! I was congested but that just opened up all kinds of passages. LOL WOW! Wow! wow!

    Whew, it IS a little warm in here. I think my pearls are even sweating!

  5. Honey, you know I travel across State lines to attend this dude's concerts, so you know I'm feeling this video. I think it's so well done, and as always, his album did not disappoint!

  6. I haven't purchased the album yet, but when I first heard him on BET, I KNEW I have to get this one! We need not mention the fact tha the is so fine!

  7. That is one steamy video!

  8. You are too much! I'm a subscriber, and would like to say how much I enjoy your blog…what a great post.

  9. I still don't know WHY I haven't gotten this album yet. I am truly trippin'! Maxwell is…. just… yeah =)

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