Back by popular demand, MyBrownTribe, another in my occasional series spotlighting all of the wonderful blogs in my blog “neighborhood.” These favorites make me stretch and reach and open my mind; they’re fresh, entertaining, inspiring, educational, thought-provoking, and, above all else, well-written. I encourage you to check out my fantastic tribe and leave comments if you’re so moved; make sure you tell them MyBrownBaby showed you the way. Also, leave a comment here telling me a few of the blogs in your tribe I’d love to meet them! Without further ado:

I so super heart Future Mama, a.k.a. Jennifer, the sweet, smart, super funny TV broadcaster-turned-wanna-be-pregnant writer of the incredibly insightful Baby Makin(g) Machine. Future Mama doesn't have any babies yet. Rest assured, she's working on it with her husband of five years, and in the process, chronicling all of the joys, fears, frustrations, and hopes of taking the journey toward becoming a mom. Her always joyful posts explore everything from how she's preparing herself mentally, physically, and emotionally for a little one, to how she's preparing her husband for the push gift she'll be looking for once she gives birth, and every doggone thing in between. Check out her super sweet post on her decision to get preggers HERE.



Mama Shujaa site is the brainchild of Hana, a Kenyan mom of three living in the states but holding fast to the beauty and history of her native land. The beauty of Mama Shujaa is the stories and especially the writing; Hana has a way with words that bends and stretches and whispers and weaves melodies her posts practically sing! Simply put Hana has a gift, and I'm so happy that she shares them with us in poem, short stories, and essays that intertwine words from her native tongue with some of the most thoughtful writing on the web. Witness Hana's gift in this, a tribute post to her mother, an incredible writer in her own right. Click HERE.

When you go to my friend Angie's site, be prepared to drool. The Arthur Clan is her personal photography blog an incredible tribute to her love of images and the beauty of her family, home, and simple life. Angie, co-creator of the fantastic photo sharing site,, jokes all the time that she lives in the middle of nowhere, but trust me when I tell you: her pictures make nowhere look like paradise and those kids of hers, with their big brown eyes and mischievous grins and eyelashes long enough to strike up a cool breeze on even the most sweltering of days, are the stars of the show. But just as magical as the pictures is Angie's giving spirit: Not only does she share her pictures, but she also gives tips on how we novice photographers can capture the look. I've been taking notes and trying my best to keep in mind her advice as I experiment with my Nikon D-50, but I'm a loooooong way from capturing images like the ones she took of her kids' first day of school, seen HERE.

If you decide to visit the folks featured in the MyBrownBaby neighborhood, please do tell them MyBrownBaby gave you directions!

[Photo credit: The beautiful, colorful neighborhood illustrating this post is by the talented artist Maria Cavacos. See more of her work HERE.]

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  1. Mama yangu! Denene. Thank you. Mama yangu! translated from Kiswahili is literally, "My Mother!" An utterance of extreme joy, an acknowledgement of wonder. I'm saying Goodness Gracious, Oh My, Ha! Mercie!

    To know that I inspire you is to be inspired because you are the one who keeps me going. So, when I utter Mama Yangu! I am hugging you like I would my mother, my grandmother, my aunt, my grandfather, my father, my uncle…because you have lifted me up in this blogosphere, rolled me up into MyBrownTribe and its history making ventures…

    Mingi love to you, and thank you.


    P.S. Mama Yangu!

  2. Oooh, I just clicked over to your friend Angie's blog, saw the first picture and immediately sucked my teeth in complete jealously. "Ugh, that is the cutest picture ever. So.jealous."

    I need a new camera like Lil' Wayne needs a vasectomy. LOL.

  3. MBB Founder and Editor Denene Millner

    @Mama Shujaa: Mama Yangu to you, too!!!! Hana, you know how I feel about your writing: You're incredible. Keep doing what you do, as YOU inspire ME!

    @Tara: ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm on the ground!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That boy DOES need medical intervention or some stock in Trojan. And all those little girls need to think about all the other little girls he's clearly slept with without protection. Amazingly dumb.

  4. You are soooo nice! I want to cry… seriously! I'm so flattered that you read my blog… REALLY! I feel so inadequate compared to your wonderful writings and beautiful picture-takings! And I'm so excited for the future of MyBrownBaby cause we know this is going to be HUGE!

  5. I'm a beginner in the blogasphere so I'd love for you to check out our blog at Its basically a journal of conception to present day. Thanks for being a blog inspiration. As soon as Once Upon a Blog opens their waiting list again, I am sooo on there!

  6. Pink & Green Mama

    Thanks for sharing! I always like to find new blogs : )

  7. Pink & Green Mama

    Thanks for sharing! I always like to find new blogs : )

  8. Pink & Green Mama

    Thanks for sharing! I always like to find new blogs : )

  9. Denene,

    You are soooooo unselfish! Thank you for sharing.

  10. Oooh, thanks for making my blog searching a little easier! I can now add another FLY blog Mama to my list, as I was fortunate enough to already know Future Mama and our wire-waisted dancer, Mama Shujaa 🙂

  11. Angie - The Arthur Clan


    What a complete honor and privilege to find my little old blog listed here. Not only do I count you as one of my first blogging friends (someone who I love that doesn't live in my "middle of nowhere" neck of the woods with me – hee!) but you are someone that I respect as a mother, woman and writer as well.

    What a wonderful community of women that blogging has connected me with. I treasure the fact that it caused our paths to connect along the way.

    I love ya girl! Thank you so much for this. 🙂

  12. I enjoyed reading Future Mama's blog. I even read her blog on Conceive Online. Thank you for highlighting the other wonderful blogs out there. A little light shining is a nice thing.

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