I don’t do fish. I mean, I’ll eat ’em. But I’m not baiting hooks ew, worms! and I’m definitely not pulling those suckers out of the water and watching them flap around in a bucket and then taking them back home to be beheaded, scaled, and filleted. Uh uh, no ma’am not me. (Honestly, I don’t know how I would have survived the olden days on the farm shout-out to Ms. Sharon in the fish department at my local Kroger for making it so all I have to do is rinse, season, and toss the tilapia in the pan. I’m just sayin’.)

Anyway, I don’t have a problem standing around and watching other people fish, especially if it involves watching kids who’ve never been. On a recent weekend visit to my mother-in-law’s brother’s house, Nick’s Uncle Marvin took the entire family on a fishing trip to a fish farm, where the bass and trout were hoppin. Here, a recap of our Sunday morning fishing jaunt:

The fish farm, in the suburbs of the city of LaGrange, GA, was so beautiful and peaceful and serene. Though there were 11 of us there, Uncle Marvin had only two fishing poles, so he borrowed some bamboo sticks from the fish farm owner and MacGyvered them into working fishing poles. My brother-in-law James, Angelou’s husband, also purchased $2 worth of worms and let the kids make quick work of ripping them in half (to make them last longer) and skewering them onto their fishing hooks. Of course, no fishing trip is complete without a friendly wager: Everyone put $1 in the pot; whoever caught the biggest fish would get all the fish and the loot. Game on!

The kids were amazingly patient who knew they could stand quietly and perfectly still for so long? Of course, neither Mari, Lila, Miles nor Cole were fast enough for the little buggers, which kept eating the kids’ worms and getting away before they could tug them out of the water. James even replaced the wiggly worms with a tub of slimy liver supposedly harder for the fish to grab but it was of no use: the kids had no luck. My mother-in-law, Helen, on the other hand, is a fishing pro. She caught three fish boom, boom, boom, just like that. Wherever her bamboo poll was, the fish seemed to hop on so much so, that even Uncle Marvin abandoned his favored spot for Grandma Helen’s much hotter one. Yeah didn’t work. Alas, Grandma Helen was the one who took home all the fish and the pot of cash. (BTW: We’re not really clear why, but the fish farm housed a small fence full of Emu. Strange. Very, very strange.)

When it was all said and done, everyone seemed to have a fantastic time including me and my father-in-law, who sat back, watched the action and proudly proclaimed our “city roots” a little too, um, delicate for the country life. (Frankly, I’m still a little traumatized by our camping trip with Angelou’s Greening Youth crew.) But Papa Walter was going to be privy to some good eating, courtesy of his country girl wife the Fisher Queen.

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  1. I love to go fishing! Emphasis on the word "go" because I don't do the baiting stuff either! Ditto on ewwww! Beautiful pictures!

  2. Brimful Curiosities

    I can handle the worms. It's the getting off the hook and cleaning part I don't like.

  3. Nice post. Sounds like you had a nice day with the family. I have not been fishing in years. But the last time I went, I found it very relaxing. I will not put the worm on the hook though. I am also scared that hook is going to poke someone.

  4. What a perfect day! Great pictures! Surrounded by family! Competition always makes family gatherings so much for fun! That's something I need to do with the boys! I'd love to see their expressions handling the worms!

  5. Oh!


    I can't!

    I saw the pics first!… I'll come back to read the text later here in just a bit. LOL

  6. I'll go but I'm the one in the back not touching anything but the camera!

    You all did great that day!

  7. Loved these photos! Is that you sticking your tongue out? hahaha

  8. GYF Executive Director

    What a blast! And, did you really publish the picture of me sticking out my tongue???!!!!

  9. Wow!! what beautiful pictures and a great-looking fishing trip! How fun! Aww, I miss you!

  10. Hi! Popping over from SITS Roll Call to visit.

    What a beautiful family, great pics and a wonderful day!! I'm with you on the fishing – I certainly love to eat them & I don't mind the fishing and – that part can be peaceful on its own actually. It's the whole hook and bait/worm thing kinda freaks me out. And the cleaning, turns my tummy too. I make my hubs do all that lol!

    You have a beautiful blog here, in many ways. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!

  11. Hi http://www.greedygirlsguide.com checking in from SITS

    I've never been fishing but it looks like it was great family outing

  12. Life with Kaishon

    It sounds so fun and I LOVE. love. LOVE! the pictures. So fabulous! What a fun day! I love everyones happy smiles.

  13. hahahaha! Going fishing is a ritual in our household…Well not with me, uh, my husband and our children. My husband and his family would be comatose if they were unable to go fishing EVERY week.

  14. Wow…that post really took me back. My dad would take me and my brothers fishing….I remember how we would dig in the yard for worms the night before and fill up tin cans with them. Mama would happily fix us sadwichs and snacks to take with us…what beautiful memories. Thanks for reminding me.

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