See here's the thing: This baby is adorable I'll give her that.

And I'm impressed with her ability to pick up on and break down the latest dance craze at such a tender age.

*Even as she still struggles with finding her way to a toilet on her own (as evidenced by the droopy diaper).*

What I don't get is why this child a baby! is on YouTube in knee-socks and the aforementioned droopy diaper, popping her booty and bumpin' and grindin' and doing The Stanky Leg on top of a table, like the only show she's allowed to watch in her house is 106th & Park.

She's not singing the Barney song.

She's not doing the Elmo coochie coochie coo laugh.

Dora? Who's Dora?

Nooooo this baby BABY! is doing The Stanky Leg.

Now, I'm not going to talk about this child's mother, because I don't know who it is who foisted her onto the kitchen table and proceeded to cackle and curse and goad the baby into dropping it like it's hot for all of the world to see. It could very well be a goofy teenage sibling holding the video recorder. Or a really horrible babysitter.

Whoever it is that made all of this foolywang possible, I wish I could get her in a quiet room for just a couple of minutes or perhaps take her out to a nice lunch. Maybe explain to her the kind of damage that's being done to this little girl, who, not even out of diapers, is half-naked and being encouraged to bend over and bounce up and down on a table in front of a camera. When is this ever cute or okay?

The baby knows not what she does; she's simply mimicking whatever madness she's been exposed to at such a tender age, when responsible adults parents should be off somewhere reading to her and building puzzles with her and pushing her on the swings at the local park.

But when that little girl hits age 10 and gets to jiggling and popping it at the 5th grade dance like she's Karrine Steffans on the come-up, I hope her mother doesn't try to get new and act like she's surprised.

Just go to YouTube and see where all of it began.

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  1. wow..'and let the prayer circle begin'….FOR REAL!!!! walking away and shaking head*

  2. T.Allen-Mercado

    Please tell me how I *knew* from the excerpt in my sidebar alone that this was the foolery you were speaking of?! And how I was most deeply disturbed whilst viewing this baby on a TABLE. I was doing the mommy wince each time she came close to the edge…why world, why?!

  3. SO SAD–praying for this baby!

  4. Someone has really pointed these people in the wrong direction. Too bad these videos don't come with commentary on the lives of the people posting them! Thanks for drawing some attention to the truth beneath all the foolishness. I absolutely love your blog!

  5. Wow….I don't even know what to say….

  6. I saw this crap on Facebook and I was outraged. I showed it to my daughters and they too felt the same way. People wonder what's wrong with our youth today. Children no longer know what being an actual child is and family values have been tossed out. This is an atrocity and folks need to quit posting this junk all over the internet. It is NOT cute in any way.

  7. Teresha@Marlie and Me

    judging from the reactions from the adults in the background, they'd probably be proud if she grew up to be another Karrine

  8. So sad, but so real. This pretty much sums up what has gone wrong in recent generations. I pray that God will protect this child.

  9. You don't have to talk about the parents because I am. This is just pure nonsense and while the parents may not be the ones who recorded this and put it on facebook the fact is all of this is going on either at their house or somewhere where there child is being kept. Either way, they should know what's going on and honestly, I would be surprised if they didn't. I do not get this is the first time because guess what she may be good at this but I suspect she didn't just learn it the first time the video was recording. This is simply too much. What is the obsession with having our babies bust a move or dropping it like it's hot but not know their ABCs or colors. And in fairness maybe this baby does because if she's smart enough to do this dance then I'm sure she has the capability to know her ABCS but this is not what is being broadcasted for the world to see and share about her. This is not what the person who put it on youtube is highlighting her for. Just too much.

  10. No joke! This sort of stuff — making two- or three-year-olds look 'sensual' with some of these moves — further fuels the warped minds of sexual predators. It's the same with those ridiculous beauty pageants where little girls are made to look like miniature women with the big hair and fake eyelashes and lipstick. What is wrong with all of these parents?! It's really depravity.

    And "foolywang" – love it. Had to go look it up. haha…!

  11. I saw this on Facebook and was shocked…this is crazy that someone would think this was cute or funny…instead of teaching the child how to read or doing something more constructive than the stanky leg…When the child is 3 and cursing and talking about doing drugs, I bet the parents would be laughing at that too…very very sad…SMH

  12. A good friend of mine is a psychologist. She once told me that it's healthy to have moments where you hate people. For the record, I. HATE. WHOMEVER TAUGHT THT LITTLE GIRL THE STANKY LEG.

  13. ***sigh***

    ***off to lock my babies in a room with food, water, toilet, books and cuddly stuffed animals***

  14. I saw the video last week and I was shocked and appalled. First I was nervous that she was going to fall off the table. Then I was kind of impressed that she had the attention span to do the 'stanky leg' (and be half way on beat) the duration of the song. I wonder if she can sing her ABC's or sit on a potty for that length of time. Bottom line… someone has failed this little girl in a major way. I just want to scoop her up and take her away from the madness. But since I can't do that, I'll just lift her up in prayer.

  15. I didn't watch the video…I can't make myself look at a child doing something that will in no way have a positive impact on her life. I do agree with your post couldn't have said it better myself.

  16. Jennae @ Green Your Decor

    This is the first I'm seeing this video, and seriously…it makes me really happy that my daughter is being raised by two parents who love her and that everyone in my family knows I'd cut them in a heartbeat if they dared to:
    1. Teach my child some bull like The Stanky Leg
    2. Have the nerve to record it, while she's half nekkid on a table, no less; and
    3. Have the audacity to put it online for all the world to see

    Whether the parents are responsible for the video or not, this clearly isn't the first time this child has heard this song or seen the dance. This is why little girls think this kind of crap is OK. I really feel sorry for the little dumpling. She's the only one involved who doesn't know any better, and she's the one being exposed to the most harm.

    Shame on the idiots who did this thinking it was cute.

  17. Renée aka Mekhismom

    That is out of control! Out. Of. Control! Unbelievable. It is so sad that this is all that she has been exposed to. Perhaps I am generalizing and she is doing something else. Like picking up books. Sadly, I just don't believe that.

  18. GYF Executive Director

    W.O.W! Unbelievably sad.

  19. Simply put: This is a learned behavior and it's so sad. I hope that someone steps in with a major intervention for this baby.

  20. I actually enjoyed this! Do you know why? It is an example of how, why, when. Genius. Baby Genius. It is an example for all of us to take advantage of. Understand the unique capacity of our babies to absorb, from older siblings, from society.

    It does not have to be a negative. Turn it into a positive, overwhelm ourselves with the possibilities of turning this one child's unique ability to grasp from sight and sound….

    Just the other day, there was a caucasian baby on my yahoo home page, dancing to LOUD Beyonce tunes…nothing wrong with that, huh? That very video was shown on CNN, and everyone was screaming "How Cute!"

    C'mon folks, is it so sad because it is an African American baby grooving to current music?

    Fine. I understand the dangers, the environment that the baby may be exposed to, but, is it realistic to expect this not to happen?

    All we have seen is one clip of a video. WE don't know what the parents do for a living, we don't know if the older sibling is an honor student. One clip, and we are going bonkers?

    Lighten up. We have all been there at some point in our lives.

    It is too easy to speak your mind as a spectator Denene, but thanks for letting me speak my mind.

    At the end, we know who we are, where we have been, where we are going. Life is a journey, enjoy it.

    Mama Shujaa.

  21. I soooo agree with Mama Shujaa. It couldn't have been said any better. It's ridiculous how some people are so quick to judge. "Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. Mk. 4.24"
    Just because we do what we think is right for our children as parents, doesn't necessarily mean they will turn out the way they were brought up. And having two parents in the home really doesn't make a difference either. Children tend to develop their own personalities. All we can do is PRAY & HOPE for the best!!!!

    TSgt. Smith

  22. I just have one question, why is the child not potty trained with all this dancing. Did you notice she is wearing a diaper? Lawd, have mercy!

  23. Kat @ For the Love of Chaos

    That's. Um. That's. Uh. Wow.

    My problem is this: there was a family who had their kids TAKEN from them for about a year while an 'investigation' ensued because they took a cute "private" family picture of their kids just out of the bathtub… the person developing the photo apparently called authorities and reported "child porn" when the photo wasn't posted online or anything – it was developed for the family's use. BUT yet… we can post videos of our little girls on a TABLE {with no one close enough to catch her if she FELL before she hit the floor} dancing like she's in a nightclub for 2 & under trying to pull her a Sugar Daddy {while the camerawoman repeats curse words}. What's wrong with the world, man? I'm just sayin…

    As for the parents… there is NO WAY this child knows how to dance like that without the parents' knowledge. When babies learn how to dance, they tend to dance EVERY time they hear music (I know mine do…) so mama needs to check this IF that wasn't her in the background. Otherwise, like you said – by the time she gets 10-11 years old, it'll be her milkshake bringing all the boys to the yard. 🙁 Poor baby.

  24. This video shows that this baby is capable of learning – imagine what would happen if someone handed her a book, taught her how to write her name, etc. She has the potential to be so much more than a rump shaker, but it's getting lost in the nonsense.

  25. super late on this post, but i was thinking do people feel the same way when they see little girls dancing to a Beyonce song. I seem to recall a montage of you tube videos with children of all races dancing to Single Ladies and didn't see the negative comments. Just wondering what if the negativity would be there is the child wasn't dancing to Stanky leg

  26. Jesus be a fence!!!!! I am an early childhood education professor and I am trying to trace the source of this darn video! I want to see if the parents have been reported and if not, I will report their behinds. They need to sit in my parenting class. That child is overweight as well. Does she even know her real name? And the world was mad with Bill Cosby for his comments? If this child went to foster care, I would take her. How can she live this down? Bless her heart…

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