I’m an African American mom with brown babies, and I take great pleasure in writing about the issues that moms of color and mothers of children of color face as we raise our kids. And while I happily co-sign the idea that at the base of it, all of us moms want the same things for our children for them to be happy, healthy, smart, kind, honest, trustworthy, successful human beings we simply do not all parent the same, and there absolutely ARE issues that we deal with as an African American moms that white moms would never have to think about if they're not raising a brown child.

While I intended for black moms to call MyBrownBaby home, I certainly hoped that ALL moms would feel comfortable sitting on the MyBrownBaby stoop and commiseratating/learning/teaching about their views on motherhood, too. And I’ve found an amazing circle of moms online who totally get it who write passionately about their parenting experiences in a way with which I can identify with, learn from, and, above all else, appreciate.

And now, some of my favorite bloggers Talibah of WeParent and The Mama Spot (and the winner of the first MyBrownBaby Beautiful Minds Contest!), Tameka of Tea & Honey Bread, Michelle of The Integrated Mother, and Moms of Hue co-founders Renee of Cutie Booty Cakes and Kristina of Mom on the Rise, among others have combined their talent and resources to found the fabulous new site, Moms of Hue, a place where parents can read all about the unique experience of women of color raising children from the Latina, African American, Indian, single, married, and bi-racial perspectives, and much more.

Today, Moms of Hue is holding its official launch party, and the site is celebrating in style, with over 30 prizes they’ll be giving away all day long! Follow the conversation on twitter by searching for the #momsofhue hashtag and be sure to follow @momsofhue so that you don’t miss a chance to enter the giveaways.

And of course, be sure to stop by Moms of Hue to check out the stories, voices, and perspectives of Moms of Hue.

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  1. Thanks for the intro to Moms of Hue. I started following them last week after you featured Tameka from Tea and Honey Bread with her jewelry.

  2. I think your site (also sounds like Moms of Hue too) is awesome! Now confession time…I'm not African American at all. Most would look at me and just say I'm caucasian but than they are just seeing color. I'm actually Scottish, Dutch and half Cherokee Indian. So I don't really like to be just considered a white woman because that's denying half myself. My husband is also more than half Cherokee Indian but he looks it while I do favor the Scottish side more.
    Honestly growing up my dad (who has now passed) was very racist. I never shared his views but could also never have friends of any other color. I missed out on a lot because of that. Now that I have my own daughter I teach her to love all colors, shapes, everything beautiful that God made. Now that she is in school and around other kids her "very best friend in the whole wide world" haha is an African American girl. So when I found your site I thought it would be a great chance to learn more and fill in gaps that my parents didn't bother teaching me…
    I do hope that's ok. (I felt rather embarrassed when I first joined.) Also I do completely understand if you'd rather keep it geared only toward African American moms/parents and have me skoot on out of here. Now that I'm told you like half my life I'm feeling very shy and will end here, so for rambling…

  3. MBB Founder and Editor Denene Millner


    Thank you SO much for your comment, and certainly for following MyBrownBaby. I'm glad that you are enjoying what you're reading here, and especially happy that you're finding useful insight that you can use as a mom teaching her children to respect, befriend HUMANS, no matter their color. I appreciate what it took for you to share your story, and certainly for you to make the conscious decision to think differently from the man who gave you life. These things are not easy, but I find that if we are brave enough to challenge backward thinking, we can truly open our hearts to the possibilities of true friendship and understanding.

    I am happy that you are here at MyBrownBaby and I encourage you to read the posts and comment on them, too. I created MBB as a space where the issues of moms of color are discussed, but I'd venture to say that at the end of the day, no matter what color you are, you're going to identify with the things we're talking about here because, ultimately, we're all moms looking to raise smart, healthy, thoughtful, honest kids.

    I've written about this very subject several times here on MBB and on my blog over at Parenting.com/The Parenting Post. I encourage you to check them out.

    Welcome to MBB! And be sure to go check out Moms of Hue, too!

  4. Teresha@Marlie and Me

    thanks for sharing info on another great blog resource. I must be the only person on Earth who does not twitter, so I can be at the launch party, but I will be visiting the site.

  5. congrats!! And might I say, I have ALWAYS felt welcome here.

    fantastic idea, and blog. Good luck to all you lovely ladies. (And I mean inside and out…)

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