I started my Christmas shopping yesterday (finally!) and it hurt my feelings to hand over all my lil' bit a money to The Man. Like seriously. You should have seen me cross-referencing and googling and checking shipping fees and coupon coding my way through my list. See, these days, I can't afford to be anything but frugal when it comes to what I buy, because really, I need every penny of our hard-earned cash to stay in our bank account as long as possible.


Which is why I'm SO excited about today's giveaway the last in the MyBrownBaby Happy For the Holidays Giveaway Week. Today's giveaway is *sung/shouted like Oprah on her Christmas show*




That's right: I'm giving away a $110 Visa Card, courtesy of Kodak, as part of the “Kodak Save $110 Tour, which is traveling across the country to show families how they can save an average $110 annually on ink by using Kodak's All-in-One inkjet printers. Kodak's All-in-One inkjet printers are revolutionizing the inkjet printer business by offering what they say is the lowest total ink replacement in the industry $14.99 for color cartridges, $9.99 for black which means you're putting more money in your purse, and not in your printer. In fact, Kodak is so serious about its economical inks that it's touring the country to let prospective customers test-drive Kodak's latest printers (which are being offered at $50 off at Staples and Best Buy through January 2010!) and learn firsthand how to save on printing costs. For sure, if you stop by a Save $110 Tour van (click HERE to see if the tour is in a city near you) to get the 411 on Kodak products, you'll have a chance to win the newest Kodak ESP 3250 or 5250 or a $110 Kodak Visa Gift Card.

That's what I'm talking about! Putting money in a girl's super cute purse is a great look for sure!

Want to try for a chance to win a $110 Kodak Visa card here at the MyBrownBaby Happy For the Holidays Giveaway Week? Let's get it! Here's how:

MANDATORY: (separate comments for each, please!)

Follow Kodak on Twitter @KodakSave110 and tell them MyBrownBaby sent you.

Visit Kodak’s Print and Proper website and tell me which printer will be on your wish list.

FOR EXTRA ENTRIES (separate comments for each, please!)

TWEET I'm trying to get @KodakSave110 and @MyBrownBaby to put a $110 Kodak Visa Card in my purse! http://shar.es/aIt52″

FOLLOW MyBrownBaby

SUBSCRIBE to MyBrownBaby

ADD the MyBrownBaby button to your blog

THIS CONTEST ENDS AT 11:59 P.M. on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 8, 2009. THE WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED ON THURSDAY, DECEMBER 10th, 2009. It is open to residents in the continental U.S.

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  1. Ok. Loving the Kodak ESP-9 All in One Printer. Mama has to have a fax in this house, and the two sided printing is the bomb!! I've been spoiled by the printers on campus. I looked at my paper sideways today when I printed it because my three pages came out on 3 pages instead of 2, lol. And don't get me started on the wireless printing… that would be a dream… yep. I'd say this here baby is on my wish list =).

  2. I follow My Brown Baby!

  3. I'm sporting the My Brown Baby blog button on my blog.

  4. I used the "Help me find the right printer for me" feature, and I chose the ESP-3250 All-in-one printer. Looks like it will do exactly what I need.

  5. I follow.

  6. I used the Help me find the right printer for me and I chose the ESP-7 All-in-one Printer because with this printer you are able to print, copy, and scan with it. There is also secure Wi-Fi printing with this printer.

  7. I am also following KodakSave 110 on Twitter and I also told them that MyBrownBaby sent me.

  8. I am following MyBrownBaby, I am subscribed to MyBrownBaby, and I also added the button to my blog.

  9. I follow MyBrown Baby! Thanks for the info!

  10. I follow @KodakSave110 on twitter as "calidreamin87" & the printer on my wishlist is the Kodak ESP-7!

  11. I FOLLOW MyBrownBaby!

  12. 3 Boys and an Old Lady

    I've got a Kodak EasyShare camera & the ESP-3250 is on my wishlist.

  13. 3 Boys and an Old Lady

    I follow MyBrownBaby on Twitter

  14. 3 Boys and an Old Lady

    I subscribe via tclarkusa@gmail.com

  15. On my Kodak Wish List: KODAK ESP 7 All-in-One Printer!

  16. Not quite sure I figured the Twitter thing out, but I created an account .. http://twitter.com/JacknJillMom .. and tried to tweet Kodak!

  17. Okay, now I'm following MyBrownBaby on Twitter!

  18. I would get the Kodak ESP-3250 printer.


  19. I subscribe by e-mail.


  20. ESP9, print, copy, scan and fax. Multifunctional that works for me.

  21. I already follow.

  22. following @kodaksave110 mentioned @brownbaby sent me

  23. I am now a subscriber!

  24. Already have button on my blog

    I'm making room in my wallet!

  25. I follow Kodak on Twitter and I let them know that you sent me.
    brownatural at gmail dot com

  26. That all-in-one ESP9 printer has my name written all over it

  27. I'm also a follower of @mybrownbaby

  28. Chacoy pronounced: Sha-coi

    I like the ESP- 3250 All in one printer, and wish that it cooked and cleaned:)

  29. Chacoy pronounced: Sha-coi

    I follow The Brown Baby:)

  30. Chacoy pronounced: Sha-coi

    I subscribe to The Brown Baby:)
    chacoyaguayo {at} yahoo {dot} com

  31. Chacoy pronounced: Sha-coi

    I have The Brown Baby button here:

  32. I like the ESP 5250 that is a wireless all in one; we need to replace our old printer that we never got to figure out.

    brownatural at gmail dot com

  33. I added your button to my blog, I subscribe to your email feeds, I follow on Google Friend Connect.
    I do it all. Thanks!!
    brownatural at gmail dot com

  34. Follow Kodak on Twitter and ESP 7

  35. I would like the kodak ESP-5250

    melanieinaz2003 at yahoo

  36. oops I separated the first two. I'm sorry! delete if you have to.

    your button is on my sidebar

  37. Following Kodak @nightowlmama

  38. Kodak ESP 7 would be for me

  39. I'm following YOU

  40. follow you on blogger

  41. I follow as DCSkyPrincess on Twitter and chose the ESP-7 Printer…I need a new printer and the photo capabilities are great on that printer; as a photographer, having easy access to printing shots is sooo convenient. Hope I win!


  42. I follow KodakSave110 on Twitter. (@SBailey7)

  43. Oh, & I told 'em you sent me. 😉 (@SBailey7)

  44. Sweeter the berry

    I follow Kodak on Twitter @KodakSave110 and told them MyBrownBaby sent me.



  45. Sweeter the berry

    The ESP-7 is on my wish list!


  46. Sweeter the berry

    I am following MyBrownBaby.

  47. Sweeter the berry

    SUBSCRIBE to MyBrownBaby


  48. I like the ESP 7 & ESP 9…both are nice. Love the print, copy, scan & fax functions all in one.

  49. My wish list: I would love the ESP 9 because of the wi-fi feature. That would be great to use with my cell phone.

  50. I follow you on twitter: NewYorkChica

  51. I have your button on my blog. Blogroll page :)http://newyorkchica.com/bloggy-friends/

  52. I follow Kodak and you on twitter and told them you sent me! http://twitter.com/happyenchilada2/status/6416462447


  53. I did the "help me find a printer" on website and it recommended the ESP-3250 all in one printer for 129.99…looking in my purse …wow only need 129.98 more!


  54. I follow with google connect (Robert and Crystal W.)


  55. signed up to recieve newsletter


  56. I would love to have the Kodak ESP-7 printer.

  57. Following them!!

  58. Tweeted!!

  59. Following you!!

  60. BTW, I have a Kodak printer but if I were to get another I'd choose the ESP-7 Printer! 🙂

  61. I have your button!! Oooh I hope I win!!!

  62. “Im trying to get @KodakSave110 and @MyBrownBaby to put a $110 Kodak Visa Card in my purse! http://shar.es/aIt52"

    I made the tweet

  63. I followed your blog


  64. I will have the Kodak ESP-5250 in my wishlist

  65. Kimberly/Mom in the City

    I followed Kodak on twitter

  66. Kimberly/Mom in the City

    I follow you on Twitter

  67. Kimberly/Mom in the City

    I follow the MyBrownBaby blog (through Bloglines)

  68. Kimberly/Mom in the City

    The Kodak ESP-7 would work great for our family.

  69. The KODAK ESP 9 All-in-One Printer is on my wish list.

    — Chelsea S.

  70. Following Kodak on Twitter (csaulpaugh89) and told them MyBrownBaby sent me.

    — Chelsea S.

  71. Tweeted.

    — Chelsea S.

  72. I follow you.

    — Chelsea S.

  73. Subscribed via email.

    — Chelsea S.

  74. I have your button.

    — Chelsea S.

  75. THe ESP7 Printer is for me

  76. follower

  77. I'd pick the Kodak ESP-9 printer because I'd like to have a wireless printer with fax capabilities.

  78. I'm a new follower

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