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Isn’t this the most delicious picture you’ve EVER seen? Introducing The McGhee Sextuplets Rozonno Jr., Isaac, Josiah, Elijah, Madison and Olivia the four sons and two daughters of Mia and Rozonno McGhee. These beautiful babies were born in June and, after a several-months-long stay at the hospital, arrived to their Columbus, Ohio home in September. They are the first set of sextuplets to be born in Columbus, and only the second set in all of Ohio.

I do remember a time when the birth of this many babies at once was celebrated with a lifetime supply of diapers, formula, baby wipes, at least one super-sized mini-van, college scholarships and lots of cash money, dollar bills, y’all, from every baby company, TV station, and good-hearted person on the planet. I also remember that this kind of benevolence always seemed to be reserved for the Gosselins and Duggars and McCaugheys of the world, never for children who look like The McGhees.

Seems things ain’t changed with these chocolate beauties, either.

Stories abound that when the McGhee sextuplets were born, they got six Buckeyes onesies from  Ohio State University President E. Gordon Gee, and a certificate from the Columbus City Council honoring them as the city’s first set of sextuplets. Six onesies and a piece of paper.

Long. Blank. Stare.

A few more donations flowed in after the Columbus Dispatch did a story about the McGhees taking their six babies back to their two-bedroom home virtually empty-handed. Mia McGhee, who quit her job to care for her children while her husband makes a living from a self-owned carpet cleaning business, said she was “staying positive” and simply “happy” to finally “have a family.”

Now, I was hopping all over the internet yesterday, reading stories about the family and particularly all the scary, jacked-up messages people were leaving in the comments sections (which can be almost as scary as a Klan rally). Folks were going IN on the family, saying they were looking for handouts and that they shouldn’t have had all those babies if they couldn’t take care of them, and that they should have saved up if they knew they had six kids coming, and telling them that they should go on welfare and stop begging blah, blah, blah. What you should know, though, is that this couple got pregnant with their six babies while taking fertility drugs; their doctor suggested it after they had premature twins whom died after birth. When their doctor revealed there were six eggs in Mia’s womb and offered to “reduce” the number, the McGhees didn’t have the heart to abort any of their babies. So, despite the risk that they could lose them all, the couple chose to keep each and every one of their children, and each of them made it into this world.

And the McGhees haven’t asked anyone for so much as a baby wipe.

Personally, though, I feel like they deserve so much more. Pampers? Johnson & Johnson? Abbott (the makers of Similac)? Toyota? Maybe y’all could scare up some of what the other families got when they produced their own Miracle Six families. Maybe Ohio State could take back those onesies and offer to let each of the McGhee children attend college for free when they graduate high school.

Maybe you and I could help these beautiful brown babies not only survive, but thrive.

To help out the family, you can make monetary donations to “The McGhee Trust Fund” at any Chase Bank location. Non-monetary donations can be sent to: IMPACT Attn: Tracy Taylor 700 Bryden Road, Columbus, OH 43205. You can also “like” the McGhee family’s FaceBook page to show your support, send your well-wishes, and keep up with their story.

Need inspiration? Go back to the top of this post and look at those angelic little brown faces again. Good grief, the McGhees do good work, don’t they? God bless them one and all.

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  1. They are a gorgeous family. I hope things work out for them.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  2. It's funny, I just heard about this beautiful family today by a friend who sent me the picture via the internet, and I had the same thoughts that you stated in your blog as I searched the internet for info about them. As in, "What? Nobody is helping them out?" Send a copy of this blog to Kimberly Clark, Proctor & Gamble and other producers of baby goods- maybe someone who hasn't heard of them will get on board. After all Kimberly Clark just started their Huggies program to get diapers to those who are in need- and I would say a family that uses 50 diapers a day needs them 😉

  3. Saw them this morning on ABC and also saw the photo done by local Peters Photo. Studio. I can't afford Peters Studio so I guess they're doing all right. In fact, they listed off some of the groups that are helping them out. Stop your whining and complaining.

  4. I have been bitching about this on Twitter since JUNE, asking The Today Show why they hadn't had this family on when they manage to celebrate every child the Duggars pop out like they are the next coming of Christ. Look, I'm not a huge fan of using fertility treatments this way, nor am I a big fan of people having more kids than they can take care of. BUT why is it OK for white people to do it but not anyone else? This family deserves help just as much as the McCaughey's or anyone else. It is SHAMEFUL the way they have been treated and I thank you for highlighting this information and I will be sharing it!

  5. MBB Founder and Editor Denene Millner

    @Anonymous #2: I saw that segment, too, and yes, Mia did list the folks who have graciously donated their time and resources to her newborns. As I mentioned in the story above (if you bothered reading it), the McGhees were helped by a few local organizations and church members AFTER it was revealed by a local newspaper that NO ONE stepped in with the usual bounty of gifts that are given by baby companies and other corporations when a family has sextuplets. Diapers. Formula. Cars. Scholarships. Money. Clothes. All of these things are announced with GREAT fanfare for other families who've had similar situations, but never for black ones.

    That's not whining and complaining. That's fact.

    If you don't want to help or you don't have the cash to, don't. But this here is MY blog and if I want to call attention to inequities and ask KIND-HEARTED people to help this family, then I will.

    And for anyone else who leaves a comment: Keep it clean and respectful, or you WILL be deleted. That's how I roll.

  6. Thank you for your post, or I too, would have never even heard of the McGhees. Their photo brought tears to my eyes–it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! As an adoptive mom of three–I know how life is cherished and God Bless them for not voluntarily letting go of any one of those beautiful babes. As a white mom with two brown babies I now see the world through different eyes and "white privilege" slaps me in the face every single day. Thank you for your blog and helping me be a better mom to my brown babies.

  7. @ Anonymous #2 The Peters Photos were donated by the Owner of Peters Photography, so please stop assuming(because we know what happens when we assume) The Mcghee family is very nice and caring. Please stop hating on them. We should uplift not tear down.

  8. This family has been truly blessed, the parents as well as the babies. I pray that God grants them every desire of their heart. A professional artist should turn this photo into a mural for the McGhee's photo collection.

  9. MBB Founder and Editor Denene Millner

    @Elita: You know I LOVE your gangsta. Thanks for breaking it down so it'll forever be broke.

    @Jodilee: Thank YOU for seeing where we're coming from and especially for your selfless act of adopting. As an adoptee, I know what kind of heart you have to have to care for and love a child who is not of your loins. I hope you come back to MBB for more!

    @Akyshia: THANK YOU for pointing out the origins of the photo. I was on their website just now (man, I wish they were in GA; I'd have them take pics of my kids in a heartbeat—so talented!) and saw that they do FREE pictures of newborns—all you have to do is ask. So the picture of the McGhees makes plenty sense. You don't have to be "well off" to get something free—that much I do know.

  10. Our Twins were also the product of fertility drugs, my wife had 4 eggs in her womb 2 of which died I dont blame the McGhees for having all of their children. We are in out 40's and still have 4 in storage and plan on inserting them in 2011 we couldnt think of having them destroyed. Can we afford it NO but we will have the blessing god gave us..

  11. To Anonymous: There is such a thing as embryo adoption if for some reason you yourselves can't have your "waiting" babies. It may not be for you, but it is a possibility if the only other option was having them be destroyed.

  12. They should use cloth diapers and save a ton of money!

    • Has this person who said to use cloth diapers EVER used cloth diapers?
      Every washed each and every one out in the toilet by hand? probably not.

      • YES i have used cloth diapers ! My mom thought she was helping me by paying for diaper service ….and it sucked ! time cosuming and gross…i couldnt imagine 6 ditry cloth diapers!! I had this beautiful picture on my screen saver and finally decided to look up who this blessed family is!!!!! OMG …Gorgeous chocolate babies!!!!

    • CLOTH??? Really!! Why??? CHEAPER…..don’t think so!!!

  13. To the author: Why does this have to go black vs white????? Why? The reasons the other families got all kinds of free stuff was not because they were white….it is because that was a long time ago, and this was "new" to everyone, reality tv was new too. Now, the public is probably sick and tired of so many people going through fertility, having multiple babies and then expecting everyone else to pay for them. I am a mom to twins, they were not from fertility treatments, and I am struggling to keep my home and don't know how I am going to survive the winter. I am also white. I don't see anyone giving me free anything!! Maybe if I had 6 kids then it would be different??? But I am not going to blame procter and gamble, toyots, abbot, ect. Give me a break, it si not their job to support a family just because they had a sextuplets. Many families with just one child are homeless and hungry out there and they get nothing….

  14. Tracey M. Lewis-Giggetts


    Wow. This person has alot to say to be "anonymous."

    Anyhoo…you bring up some valid points, Denene. It's really much deeper than "anonymous" can really fathom. It's about the perception of the Black family in the media and the impact that has on us all (no matter your race). The very fact that "anonymous" feels the need to be angered by someone (you) offering to help someone who needs it..who isn't getting the help others have…actually proves the inequities that exist. To say or imply that they don't is idiocy and leaves no room for reconciliation.

  15. MBB Founder and Editor Denene Millner

    @Anonymous #5: Having six babies at the same time and have all of them live is an amazing thing—something that has been celebrated ad nauseum in every other instance—and every other instance, those families were feted with HELP from corporations that could provide it. Are the McGhees being ignored by the companies that step up in these instances because they're black? Can't say for sure. But that cricket sound we've all been hearing over the last four months since those babies births sure is loud, and it speaks volumes.

    And I'm really sorry that you're struggling to keep your home; you're not alone in that. But today, we're not talking about you. We're talking about six beautiful babies who were just born into a beautiful family and the very AMERICAN tradition of helping your neighbor in times of need. This is one of those times. Again, if you don't want to help? Your business. This piece was written to appeal to those of us who can, will, and do.

  16. After being the "recipient" of twins, and then losing one in my 6mth and not having any answers to the questions about the loss, I applaud Mrs. McGhee. I cherish and celebrate every moment in my brown girl' 4 years of life. Life and death are not our decisions to make, and the faith and trust she placed in having the children , will continue to carry her through all that will come with being their mother.

    I too would like to make a donation, however big or small, but I am in the Bahamas, and you have not given any information on how I can do that given we don't have Chase Banks here…….

  17. Because we care: 1Cor 16:13-14 Be on guard.Stand Firm in the Faith.Be Courageour.Be strong. And do everything with Love.Your family is pray for here!!

  18. Tracey M. Lewis-Giggetts

    Wow @SASMomma! I love that you said "recipient" of twins. That really is what they are…a gift. I hope to get my chance soon!

  19. Absolutely Beautiful!! I love the skin i'm in!!

  20. Ohio in the house! My aunt is a scientist at Abbott Laboratories in Columbus, making sure Similac will do the best it can do. WILL be hitting her up!

  21. Wow, could not imagine this. I am an expecting mother myself with just one baby and must admit I fear I am under-prepared. I hope the community can come together to assist them. We see all these shows on TLC about families with multiple children and I supposed that is how they are supporting themselves, perhaps someone will do the same for them.

  22. What a beautiful family! Good Lord! If one baby is expensive, six must be astronomical. I'm white, middle class, and had one baby, and I still needed help!!! Who doesn't?!?

    Additionally, this family has the financial obligations of six NICU stays. From personal experience, I know that the ICU is not a cheap hospital visit, but it's money well spent.

    The disparity between giving to white families with multiple births and black families with multiple births is obviously large. With publication of this post, every company has the opportunity to affect change for good. Those companies that have ANYTHING to do with babies, parenting, and housekeeping should give a little something, both because this family needs it, and because it's the right thing to do.

    It's not about color. It's about helping a family. It's about people.

    Additionally, in about a year, those parents are going to need a vacation. Somebody needs to send them to the Bahamas.

    Best of luck to this beautiful family, and thanks for the post!

  23. MBB Founder and Editor Denene Millner

    @Natalie: THIS:

    It's not about color. It's about helping a family. It's about people.


    Thank you so much for your comment!

  24. If we can help other countries in diasters why cant we help a family in need, here in our home country? These are beautiful children who are in need of food, clothing,etc. Nothing else should need to be said.

  25. Seems everyone is forgetting the Harris Sextuplets and Chukwu Octuplets. The Harris family got a free home makeover and were on Discovery Channel specials. The Chukwu family also received help. So it isn't a black-white issue; unfortunately families like the Gosselins and Octomom have turned people off to helping families of multiples with their behavior. The Duggars are completely self sufficient and debt free! They live very modestly and within their means so mentioning them isn't relevant. What is relevant is that they are human beings and we should all do what is within our means to help our fellow man (or woman) even if all that we can do is offer a prayer on their behalf.

  26. MBB Founder and Editor Denene Millner

    @Anonymous #6: I see your point re: the public's reaction to the Gosselins and Octomom, but I have to disagree with you on the treatment between black and white families and the attention, compassion and help given and shown between the two. There IS a difference between getting a crib and a couple jumbo boxes of diapers from a local Target, and getting a lifetime supply of diapers from Huggies. Huge. This from a story in Ebony about the Harris septuplets, born around the same time as the McCaughey sextuplets:

    Despite volunteer help from the community and donations from Wal-Mart, Target, Bruno's (a local grocery store) and the use of a pre-owned van from a local dealership, the reaction to the Harris sextuplets stands in stark contrast to the highly publicized White Iowa septuplets. In addition to a phone call from former President Bill Clinton and an invitation to the White House, the McCaughey family received an offer by Iowa's governor to build a new home, the donation of a new 12-seat Chevrolet van, cover stories in Time and Newsweek magazines, and free advertising in major newspapers for their family assistance fund. "The intense attention the McCaughey septuplets received…," says syndicated columnist, Sara Eckel, "the nightly updates on their progress, the outpouring of generosity from corporate America, says a lot about the two-tiered nature of American compassion."

    Now, I'm not saying by any means that the McGhee's should be millionaires because they had six babies all at once. But let's be honest about what's happening here, and, more importantly, let's get down to the very "relevant" task of helping our neighbors.

    • no one needs to know.

      Lets be honest here.
      They do have beautiful babies.
      Not everyone can be helped.
      Rather than complaining about what they don’t have, be grateful for what they do have.
      This is because I learned, complaining doesn’t get you anywhere.
      So what if they didn’t get a 12 seat van? Although its great that you are wanting people to help them, do they feel this way? Oprah recognized them and gave them a gift.
      I don’t understand why this is always about race, its bad because its becoming an excuse… not a reason.

  27. I think it is a blessing for this family to have such six beautiful babies….GOD truely is GOOD, what ever they receive will help them tremendously, may GOD continue to bless this family and the givers…….

  28. What a beautiful family. I can only send my prayers at this time. Best wishes.

  29. The Harris Sextuplets (6 babies) were actually born 5 years AFTER the McCaughey Septuplets (7 babies). So the author of the article didn't get their facts straight. The Chukwu Octuplets also got a free house (in addition to corporate sponsorships) and have gone on World Tour.

  30. Columbus resident

    Anonymous #8, thank you for pointing out the facts.
    I don't know why the original author of this blog has to keep trying to make this a race issue.
    The McCaughey Septuplets were THIRTEEN years ago! Since then we have been innudated with dozens upon dozens of stories about multiple births and the entire public has grown tired of it.
    I feel bad for the McGhees that they are struggling. But to even attempt to compare what is going on today, in 2010 when everyone is struggling due to a recession, to a time in 1997 when the economy was in great shape, and then pin it all on racism is dishonest to say the least.
    Babies are a blessing, and six babies even more so. But for you or anyone else to expect people to step foward regardless of the race and then chastize them when they don't is just wrong. Yes, you should help your community but sometimes helping your own family has to be the most important thing..and in this economy that's just the way it is for many people and even many companies.

  31. MBB Founder and Editor Denene Millner

    @Anonymous #8 and Columbus Resident and all the others who are here at MyBrownBaby for the first time, wondering why race is being discussed in the context of this post: MyBrownBaby is a blog about the intersection of motherhood and race. Talk race is what we do here. If this bothers you, oh well. Perez Hilton stays updating his site. You're free to go there.

    But if you're here, please know that neither I nor my regular audience—made of of thoughtful, intelligent, spirited moms of color AND white moms raising children of color—plan to stop digging a little deeper into the issues that affect us and our babies. It's what WE talk about when we're not in mixed company. I'm giving you an upclose look at the conversations. Welcome!

    As for "the facts": I never once mentioned dates—simply circumstances. Differences. What is revealed when the stories are juxtaposed. As I've stated several times throughout this thread of comments, I'm not suggesting that the inaction of CORPORATIONS is racist. But the silence has been noticed.

    And good grief, people: Stop acting like I'm demanding every red-blooded American hand over the mortgage check to the McGhees! This post wasn't about you. It was about CORPORATE goodwill—or the lack thereof—FOR A FAMILY IN NEED, the same that's been extended happily and with great fanfare for other families in the same situations. If you can't get behind that, again, that's your right, as it is mine to question.

    Now, because I've grown extremely bored of THIS particular argument, please know that anyone who has anything to say outside of "Aw, aren't the McGhee babies just adorable?" and "Girl, how can I help the family?" will be deleted. I'm done with that.

  32. OK, not to beat a dead horse, but there actually was an African-American set of sextuplets (one died in utero) born 7 months after the McCaughey septuplets and it tooks SEVEN MONTHS and public outcry to get any donations to them. They are the Thompson sextuplets of Washington, DC. I remember them and their incredible story because the mother pumped breastmilk for those 5 babies for SIX MONTHS! If I could find a source for that information I would blog about it. I remember it, but I can't find a newspaper article on it. Anyway, here is a link to a story on the Thompson babies and the outrage over why no one was stepping up to provide them a damn thing when they had their kids. In fact, Pampers felt so foolish, they not only donated a lifetime supply of diapers, but $2,000 to cover the 7 months of diapers the parents had to buy out of pocket while Procter & Gamble was too busy ogling the white babies to notice theirs.

  33. Why does everyone have to be so critical and unempathetic? Just as the author of this blog has said, "If you don't want to give, then don't." Nobody cares about what you think. Keep your money and your thoughts to yourself. This family has not asked for anything. Wow! It is October, the babies were born in June. My goodness. I just heard about them last night. What's wrong with that? Things are different for certain people. point blank. kudos to the
    friends of this family and to the author of this blog for raising awareness of this family. If you want to give and can….. Thanks so much. If you can't,won't and don't…. sit down and shut up. Please

  34. Your website is listed as a "racist" website for comparing this African American couple and THEIR babies to "other" couples and the many babies they had in one birth. While the majority of the individuals leaving comments on this blog may not think it's about COLOR, the individuals with money and that's in a predicament to offer financial relief to this family DO THINK and STRONGLY believe COLOR is a factor.

    I don't believe people are being uncaring when they display a "so what" attitude towards this family because everyone is struggling in this pitiful economy, but where is financial assistance when the majority of HOMELESS children don't know where their next meal is coming from?

    This family has a roof over their heads, food to eat, clothes to wear, and OBVIOUS healthcare, but whose feeding homeless children that aren't half as fortunate as this family? Better yet, how about the BROWN babies SUFFERing from incurable diseases who's been diagnosed to lose their lives any minute? There's children in our good ole' USofA that's been homeless all of their lives, so where's your exposure to assist them and BROWN babies who were born in downtrodden circumstances who REALLY need help?

    I appreciate you highlighting this family in your blog, but why do they deserve more attention than a family with one child?

    I agree with the poster that mentioned cloth diapers. They can save TONS of money using cloth diapers, and I'm sure she'll have the time to wash/dry them so since she QUIT her job. You seem to be an advocate for them, so why don't you move in and help (as a nanny of course) them with THEIR precious babies? Why don't you write ALL of the corporations that YOU think should help them instead of highlighting their names and badgering them? It seems like they are receiving financial assistance from the companies she recently mentioned, but I suppose help isn't rolling in as quickly as you think it should?


    Are you adamantly donating a set portion of your earnings on a consistent basis?

    Again, piggybacking off of someone else's REAL thought = I hope things works out for them. Meaning, instead of offering to raise somebody else's babies, maybe somebody should be somewhere praying that this black man has the patience, endurance, wisdom, and skills needed to stay married and not high tail it in the other direction like Jon Gosselin.


    • A. Go look up white privilege, you might have an a-haa moment.

      B. Go take a few sociology classes, again you might find yourself having an embarrassed a-haa moment.

      As a white woman, I’m saying to you. STOP. You are making a complete fool of yourself and perpetuating how ignorant white folks are/can be about skin color. Just stop. You really are just … simply ignorant.

  35. Why should they get college scholarships?

  36. Wow this is unbelivable that people are so freakin heartless. U can say what u want, I am a pediatric nurse and believe when I say that the disparity between black and white is alive and well. As previously stated if you don't want to donate or help then don't but don't be jerks. Congratulations to the MaGhees. This picture is absolutely beautiful. Enjoy ur babies and know that god got u, he didn't bring u this far to leave u. Much love. A pediatric nurse who cares

  37. Thank you for your blog. I feel as you do–there is no support for this family because they are black. Maybe if they gain a lot of weight be eating fried chicken and weigh 300 pounds each by the time they are two, TLC will give them their own show–another BIG happy black family.

  38. The story of the McGhees is really moving for me. I beleive they are very fortunate to have come out of this pregnancy with six healthy babies who have fought for three months to thrive and survive after being sooo small. I took my time and read the comments that were written on this blog and I feel that some people are just heartless. I understand that while the economy may be in distress, these babies didn't ask to be here. At least show some compassion for this family and some type of recognition. Yes, they definitely should recieve some type of help and support just out of generosity. I am happy to know that some people do care about this family and the struggles that they go through. I think that the people that are negative to this situation should think about what they are saying and put themselves in the McGhee's shoes. I bet they would want someone to help them. All multiple births don't occur from fertility treatments and just think about having one baby or a set of twins or even triplets. Everybody struggles but having 6 additional mouths to feed, diapers to buy, clothes to buy, all at once! Just imagine. And then maybe you will have some caompassion. But until you do try to stay away from being so negative about this situation. I am sure that family members of the McGhees are reading these posts as well. Again this story has definitely moved me and I wish the McGhee family all the best in the future with their beautiful babies.

  39. Dr.Z.Wilson of D.S.T.

    OMG….its OBVIOUS that "Anonymous" is struggling to pay her bills,so maybe perhaps SHE should've aborted her precious little ones!!Its honestly very deplorable that an adult would suggest such a thing!
    CONGRATS TO THE MCGHEE FAMILY!! I had no idea about this family either. I happened to see a pic.and googled the article about them.When in fact, the All of the other families were paraded around on EVERY TV station SMH..
    I'LL be donating money to this family and I brought to the attention to my church and co-workers (@ANONYMOUS i'm a BLACK WOMAN with children and a job…IMAGINE THAT!!) Since we're NOT struggling by any means, we dont have a problem with helping ANYONE black,white,purple,or green who needs a helping hand and not griping and complaining about their unpaid bills and discrepancies.(HATING ON THE NEXT!!) Again….Thank you Denene for this blog its way over due that someone speak up and be heard!!

    Dr.Zari D.Wilson
    of Grady Memorial Hospital

  40. Have any of the families who have had sextuplets in the last few years (like 5 years, not over a decade ago…) got these sort of hand outs? I really think 6 babies just isn't news anymore… There used to be a time when triplets got all this sort of stuff, obviously, that doesn't happen now either, I don't think what you look like has anything to do with it.

  41. Take heart, everyone, whether you have one, five, or twelve children – or none – and think for a moment how kindness, caring and generosity make your life worth living!

    One of the crucial times I experienced it first-hand was when our first son was born: my husband was out of work and my maternity leave benefits barely covered our rent, our families were overseas and we did not always know where the money for our next meal would come from. But we got through, with help from family, friends and even acquaintances, and are forever grateful for it.

    Ever since those difficult times we have tried to keep the chain of giving going and have also taught our two children to think of others who may need a little support from us. We feel it is our privilege and duty to our fellow human beings. That has never caused any financial hardships for us and we believe it never will, either.

    All the children in the world are our future, and now is the time to help, close to home or farther away. Please take a moment and see if there isn't something – big, medium or small – you can do to encourage this lovely family who has been given the incredible gift of six babies. I know I will.

    I adore the pictures of the McGhees and wish the family all the happiness! I will share their story with my friends up here, too.

  42. Baby Making Mama

    Don't forget Octomom, there's another example. And OMG those babies are GORGEOUS!!!!!!! I want six babies of my own right now!

    I hope things work out, off to check out their facebook page! 🙂

  43. HI I'm Hispanic and I can't believe how we find negative people all over the internet. I think these are beautiful black babies, they seem like chocolate family awww I just adore the picture. And really? people always have to make it negative. I think we should just ingore the people who make those coments. And embrace the beauty of birth and the beauty of giving. Yes GIVING!! its great I'm not rich, but when ever I can I give.. race? I don't care I just love the feeling and they decerve a great life. LETS STOP paying attention to these haters. LOVE THE FAMILY AND WILL HELP BECAUSE I WANT TO.. 😉

  44. I saw the McGhee's picture on the internet, did a Google search and am APPALLED they've had no help. They seem like absolutely wonderful people who are committed to love each other and their gorgeous little blessings through thick and thin.
    I'm a white mom and yeah, I think it's a combination of the economy and of race. I think it's a damned shame Mr. & Mrs. McGhee get nothing and it hurts me that they've been through so much. I don't have a Chase bank around so I'm gonna keep looking for some other way to donate, would like to add it to my budget to send $5 or $10 or a month, which isn't much but if we can get a lot of folks to do it, it'll add up.
    THANKS FOR BLOGGING about this gorgeous family.

  45. I am glad a website is out here asking for help for them. Multiples are being born all the time and that after octo-nut, multiples have gotten a bad rap. There were just quints born in St. Louis (white quints) the news station ran only an announcement they were born and one that they were going home. I contacted the program (because what family can afford that many at once) and I was told that nothing had been set up to send donations to the family and they would get back to me…. well weeks later and I still haven't heard anything. As a community we all need to realize that multiples are a stress on any family. I am so sorry to hear there is another family who can't get the support they need. After watching how the Chukwa eight didn't get anything right at the peak of the positive media praise of multiples it broke my heart that it was probably because the media was color blinded to those beautiful babies. I only pray that this inattention for these miracles is due to the recent multiple frustration of single unemployed white mothers as apposed to beautiful loving married parents who wanted to love and care for these individuals.

  46. Thank you so much for the information about the McGhee Family. I saw the segment on Good morning America and those babies are so adorable!!

    Might I add, some women (black, white, and everything in between) just want to have a beautiful healthy baby. For some Moms science must step in to assist in that goal.

    My prayers are with that family and all families.

  47. God Bless you all are pretty!

  48. I'm so very happy for this couple. I walked over to the Chase Bank in my area and promptly made a donation to their fund. As an Black-American, I couldn't not help them. However, I have to say that whether they've gotten the media or corporate attention that white families have is beside the point. We need to start assisting our own. We have our own media and corporations that should step up to the plate. BET, Centric, TVOne, Essence, Ebony, (why haven't they been in Ebony)? Why is it that we get angry at the larger white-owned media and corporations when black media and black corporations don't seem to have stepped forward either. Why don't black people, black media and corporations, and other institutions, including the colleges and universities come forward and donate their services to this black couple? That kind of assistance from black institutions should be a given. They shouldn't have to be "called" on to assist this couple. We should always be each other's number one source of support without question. I'm not saying that the larger media and majority population shouldn't care or assist them, but I think that we should help each other first and foremost. We've spent hours and pages of comments about what "they" should be doing for this couple when we could have just been assisting them without out worrying about what the larger population was going to do. Has anyone here donated any money – even $10, has anyone sent them a box of diapers or a word or encouragement? Has anyone offered the father any work? If we supported each other in business, education, spiritually and emotionally, we would have less need the larger population. We would be a fully-functioning, supportive community much like we were in the past. And our communities would be much better off. May God bless the McGee family.

  49. MBB Founder and Editor Denene Millner

    @Anonymous (the last one): AMEN. LOVE what you've said here!!!

  50. Watching Oprah today and I was struck by what a warm, loving couple these two where and how these babies were so lucky to have them as parents. Good luck to them both and of course to their gorgeous adorable babies.

  51. I don’t care what race they are, that is a beautiful picture. The babies look so content and they are GORGEOUS! I will donate as soon as I can get off this work computer…:)

  52. How do Kate plus 8’s little asian babies have white privilege? Sometimes bad things (like not being helped by sponsors) happen despite race.

  53. They are too cute love emmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm<3<3<3<3<3

  54. I have never been a fan of fertility drugs, and if you can’t afford to raise a litter of kids, you should not have them. Period. I was never a fan of nor a supporter of the Gosselins or the Duggars (most irresponsible people on the planet, I’d say), and I don’t even know who the McCaugheys are.

    No, if you plan to have a family, you ought to make sure you can support it. Period.

  55. To a super blessed family ……I have this picture on my screen saver .I finally decided to look up who you are …OMG ! what beautiful chocolate babies….No matter how you feel some days or how hard it can be just know YOU ARE BLESSED…..and everything will be just fine…………………….GODs promise…………

  56. The Duggars didn’t get a hand out. They didn’t have 6 babies at one time either. This family should get some help, but I have reservations about the lack of it being because they’re black. People say awful things about the Duggars and the Gosselins. Just look at their Facebook group pages.

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