{Wordful Wednesday} Black Snow Bunnies: My Babies and their Granddad On Christmas Vacation

There is absolutely nothing more peaceful to me than spending time with three of my favorite people in the world: My daughters and my dad. Where he lives,  there is peace. And around this time of year, a bit of snow, too something my girls don’t get to see much down here in Georgia. So, as you can imagine, it was no time before they were out rolling around, licking and throwing the white stuff just as I was putting my new iPhone Hipstamatic app to good use. Here, some of our favorite moments in the snow. Enjoy!

Footprints in fresh snow

And it wouldn’t be good, clean fun without some snow angels!

This child has been eating the white stuff since her first snow at eight months. We taught her early: Stay away from the yellow snow.

All that chocolate in snow ought to be illegal!

My Mari, keeping her head to the sky
Did I mention that my father NEVER played in the snow when I was little? The man will do anything for his granddaughters even take some cold ones to the dome. Ha!

My Mari took this shot. Made me look pretty.

My Daddy, with his handsome self.

How could you not find peace on such a beautiful piece of land?
My people.

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  1. Love it! Love it! Love it! I know you were glad to see some snow since you left the Northeast and our notorious snowstorms (we’ve had two this season already)! Love the pictures too! I hope I will have the energy to play with my grands when the time (and snow) comes!

  2. These pictures are WONDERFUL!!! I especially love the rusty mailbox!! The place does look so serene and peaceful!!! I am glad you guys have a place to go to get away!!

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